The Loot From Our Goodwill Shopping Trip

Finds from our Goodwill tripHere’s what I bought for my family at The Goodwill Outlet Store, otherwise known as “The Bins.”  The total is listed at the end of this list but just try to guess how much money I spent…

  • Ice grabbers (a reader said they’re really sugar cube grabbers)
  • Tennyson poetry book
  • 3 handkerchiefs (which I’ll use to wrap gifts in)
  • Men’s leather belt
  • J. Crew khaki men’s shorts
  • Nike basketball shorts
  • Old Navy women’s trousers
  • Gap women’s jeans
  • Adidas women’s yoga pants
  • Banana Republic women’s tank
  • Women’s blouse with floral print
  • Women’s cotton plaid skirt
  • Women’s wool plaid skirt (I’m using the fabric)
  • Mat for framing/picture project
  • 4 loaf pans (for gift giving and baking in the holiday season)
  • 2 pinch bowls
  • Ikea wall bracket (I’m using it to fix a bathroom soap fixture)
  • Outdoor chair (which I gave to our neighbors and now they have 8, matching chairs)

The grand total for all of this?  $18.20

All of the clothing was in really good condition and was promptly placed in the washing machine, even the wool plaid skirt.  Since I’m making a pillow cover out of the wool plaid fabric and not wearing it as a skirt, I skipped the dry cleaner.

Finds from our Goodwill tripAll in all, this was a good day at “The Bins.”  Please consider wearing used clothing.  It’s much less cost on a household budget, is good for our environment, and is very stylishly frugal.  Or should I say…Very Go Gingham!

Do you buy used clothing?  Are you a thrifty shopper, too?  What’s your best find?

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7 thoughts on “The Loot From Our Goodwill Shopping Trip

    1. Next class….we’ll talk about a date first and then schedule. Thanks for the comment.


  1. Sara, I bought a painting for $30 at a thrift store. It is of a franciscan (sp?) monk playing a violin with angels around it. It is beautiful and turns out to have been painted by Arnold Bocklin–a famous artist whose work is hung at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. One of his paintings recently sold at auction for $500,000!


    1. Wendy,
      Some of both. I definitely have in mind what’s needed around our house. Clothing can be hit or miss. Some of my best finds (brand new, washable suede Ralph Lauren jacket) have just happened on my way to the cash register. Patience helps. I wanted a white linen blouse for ages and last year found two that have been lovely additions to my wardrobe and they probably cost $1 for both. Simply mending skills are also really helpful. Again, the sewing machine comes in handy!


  2. To me Mall is a 4-letter word. I actually find what I’m looking when I thrift. I made a shawl for a new year’s eve party last year that I thought would be perfect with a spaghetti strap black velvet dress. Which I found at Goodwill. 20 minutes and 12 dollars later, I was a happy shopper! I also scored two solid wood antique chairs at Value Village for $3.99 each. I see them in antique stores for $50+. Score!


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