Fixing Items at Home

Fixing Items at Home

Fixing items around your home, rather than getting rid of them and buying new can really save.  By fixing what you have and not buying new, you’ll save money, resources, and time. Each of these fixes took very little time. The supplies used to fix these items are all simple items that are good to have on hand. Some of the items here had been purchased used which is a double bonus for the pocketbook! Fixing items at home is easy and you get to be creative with HOW you’ll actually fix things.

Fixing items at home…

1.  Running shoes. Without mentioning any brands here, the bottom of these shoes came off.  Completely. Luckily, I don’t wear them for running. Since they’re slip-on shoes (well, now they are but that was another fix!) and mostly used for bike riding or running errands, these were worth fixing.

Fixing Items at Home

After sanding the old glue off, I used Barge brand glue to attach the bottom back onto the shoe. This glue is smelly so the project was done out on the porch.  This shoe is good as new!

Fixing Items at Home

2.  Car visor. The visor on my 18-year-old Subaru has already been re-placed (one of my kids someone wanted to see if the original visor would bend in a way that it really should not).  Accidents happen in families but this visor was not getting replaced again.

Fixing Items at Home

With a bit of pink electrical tape, the car is back in tip-top shape.

Fixing Items at Home

While the pink tape is fine, it would be better if it were gingham electrical tape.

Fixing Items at Home

3.  Porcelain tub. This sweet little metal/porcelain tub keeps items handy next to our kitchen sink. Rust, water, and metal don’t make a good combination for this garage sale find.

Fixing Items at Home

Fixing Items at Home

With a little bit of paint on the inside and out, the tub was as good as new. I didn’t have white enamel paint so I used this color.

Fixing Items at Home

Fixing Items at Home

Not an exact match but you can’t see the paint at all. All ready for cleaning the kitchen. Someday I might fix the chips in the red paint but I think they add to the character of this piece.

Fixing Items at Home

Not everything can be fixed. This pot couldn’t be. Winter was hard on this pot. Don’t worry…the rosemary plant was safely transplanted.

Fixing Items at Home

Fixing items at home is easy and will save you money by not re-buying what you already own. You’ll save time by not having to shop to replace items. You’ll be helping our environment by not using more resources. Try fixing something at your home before tossing it in the trash. Just be sure and let me know if you find gingham electrical tape!

What have you fixed lately? Do you like to fix things? Willing to try?

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2 thoughts on “Fixing Items at Home

  1. I keep a small bottle, brush attached to the lid, of white appliance paint on the shelf above the washer & dryer. That way it is right where I need to use it. Living in Florida, our W&D is located in the hot & often humid garage which encourages rust. It works on the stove as well. It would also work on your pan.

    Fixing/repairing before the job gets to big is the best way to maintain an item and makes me feel really good that I don’t have to spend money on something that shouldn’t have to be replaced.


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