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National Match-Up Day

Go Gingham: Organizing food storage containersWelcome to “National Match-Up Day” where drawers and cupboards that hold all of our plastic and glass food storage containers get cleaned out and organized.  This (soon to be…) nationally recognized holiday will take place the first Monday of October, henceforth. 

Why October?

This is typically the time when my food storage container drawer is mostly empty.  After making pesto, freezing berries, and baking granola, there aren’t many glass jars or plastic containers left to deal with.  Make this project easy on yourself and do it when your drawer is mostly empty, too.  Or, follow these easy steps and do it today.

7 Easy Steps to National Match Up Day

1.  Take everything out of your drawer (or drawers) and place contents on an empty table.  This includes water bottles, too.

National Match Up Day

2.  Put lids on every single container. Every single container should have a lid that fits and is not broken.

National Match Up Day

3.  Remove from your assortment any containers without lids.  Be honest here.  No lid or a not useable lid means it needs to come out of your stash.  If containers can be re-used, please re-use them.  Think about organizing art supplies, small hardware, vases, etc.  Recycling and donating are also good options but don’t throw them into your trash can.  Below are my non-matching containers and lids.

National Match Up Day

4.  Wipe your drawer or cupboard space with a damp cloth.  Vacuuming crumbs is a good idea here.

National Match Up Day

5.  Have too many containers?  Why not pass some along or share?  Bake cookies, take some to a friend, and ask them to not return the container.  Take dinner to someone with the same request.  I just took marinara sauce to neighbors in glass jars and told them they didn’t have to return the glass jars.

6.  Put everything back into your newly cleaned out drawer.  Stack similarly shaped items together and place taller items in the back.

National Match Up Day

7.  Stand back and admire your handiwork.  Revel in how organized your drawer looks without any crumbs in the corner and no missing lids.  Remember, next time you’re offered a plastic water bottle with a logo on it, it’s okay to “just say no.”

Live it up on number 7 – I know I do.  That scenario lasts until my kids unload the dishwasher next!

I hope you’ve enjoyed “National Match-Up Day.”  Now, please get busy.

What day would you like to turn into a national holiday?

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