Vintage Shop: Patti Smith West

Vintage Shop Patti Smith WestI recently discovered a sweet little shop in Portland that is a nice alternative to running all about town, spending time culling through lots of garage sales, estate sales, and second-hand stores.  Patti Smith West is a vintage shop with treasures, pretty items, and unique clothing.  It’s in an unexpected spot.  The last time I was in the location of the store, it was a used appliance store.  Patti has done wonders with the space.

The shop sells things I love to have around my home – handkerchiefs, corded telephones, and re-purposed, hand-sewn designs.Vintage Shop Patti Smith West

I like to shop local when possible.  I especially like to shop at stores that have a warm and friendly feel to them.  Vintage or second-hand stores are a wonderful alternative to buying new this holiday season.

Vintage Shop Patti Smith West

If you don’t enjoy getting up to your elbows in used junk like I do, Patti Smith West is a great spot to check out.  They’ve done all the work for you!

Vintage Shop Patti Smith West

Patti Smith West: Revolving Resale Filled with Cool Random Junk

3746 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97213 | telephone | 503.688.1749

What’s your favorite vintage haunt?  Do you like to hunt for your treasures or head to a one-of-a-kind shop?

5 thoughts on “Vintage Shop: Patti Smith West

  1. I met Patti at an estate sale and must get my self in to see her store ~ what a fun treat to see it featured on your blog! I do love thrifting and searching for treasures amongst the junk – but vintage shops like this thrill me as well. These pics inspire me…may just stop in for a visit today. Hope to see you soon, Sara. Happy Holidays! V


  2. I need to get to her shop too. Patti is a wonderful and fun lady and I’m so happy to see you feature her store on your blog!


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