Chicken Diva

Chicken Diva

Photo credit: Benjamin Brink, The Oregonian

In case you don’t live in Portland, Oregon and aren’t a daily reader of The Oregonian or you’re not a fan of Go Gingham on Facebook, you may have missed this.  Our backyard chicken, Caddie Woodlawn, was in the newspaper earlier this month.  She’s rather shy and demure and all of this attention has gone straight to her head.  She’s refusing to sign any more autographs so please don’t ask.  Plus, all of her autographs look like chicken scratch and are difficult to read.  Caddie also tries to peck at all types of pens or pencils.  Or rings.  Or pretty much anything.  Let’s just say she’s turning into quite the Chicken Diva.

Okay, seriously, I was interviewed for this article, based on a question my dear friend, Annie Kip, asked me about for this post titled, “Gifts for Teachers.”  After the interview, the reporter from The Oregonian, Noelle Crombie, asked if she could send a photographer over for some pictures.  The photographer’s instructions were to take a picture of me “blogging” which as we all know can be very messy.  Once the photographer, Benjamin Brink, arrived at our house, we both agreed the natural light outside was a better alternative to me sitting indoors, behind my computer trying to get words from inside my head onto the computer screen.  (See what I mean about messy?)

When I mentioned the chickens, he was sold.  The rest is history.

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Image credit:  Benjamin Brink, The Oregonian

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  1. I am so glad you are getting recognized for your expertise, Sara! Your solutions are definitely frugal AND stylish!!!! Thanks for sharing all the great info!!!!


  2. I fear that I don’t read The Oregonian, but I am now a follower of your lovely blog! It was so nice to meet you at the Community Inspired Professionals meeting this morning, Sara – thank you for coming for our social media presentation (even though, clearly, you are already an expert!). Your additions were much appreciate 🙂


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