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Sources: Bathroom Project

Go Gingham Sources Bathroom ProjectWith the bathroom project in the final stretch, I’ve had lots of inquiries about colors, stores, and type of materials used.  Since I love to share my sources, below is the entire list of haunts for our bathroom project.  Some hardware and tools were purchased over the years and not just for this project but I wanted to share the resource.  I’ve listed colors and companies.

I like to buy used if possible and I like to shop at local stores first and then hit big box retailers, if necessary.  These are listed in no particular order.

Marmoleum flooring tiles (not the click type), 20” x 20” squares, glue

  • blue =  fresco blue T3055
  • green =  chartreuse T3224
  • source:  Linoleum City


  • 1/4” x 4’ x 8’ underlayment for sub-flooring with nail grid markings (we didn’t use the marking side)
  • shoe moulding:  H936 ogee stop (This is my preferred trim, not the quarter round)
  • wood dowel and 1’ x 2’ mounting wood for Roman shade
  • source:  Mr. Plywood

Claw foot


  • plumbing supplies, assorted
  • source:  George Morlan (their restroom has a heated toilet seat.  I’m just saying that when your house is cold in the winter, and your bathroom is out of commission, a heated toilet seat can be very nice)
  • source: Home Depot



  • wall paint is Evolution line, color number:  00M3156 (first 2 are zeroes) cross-reference T/M HC 24.  (Upper color, above moulding;  is this color, mixed with white ceiling paint.  I like using a slightly lighter shade up top and I was running low on paint so I “custom” mixed it at home.)
  • source:  Miller Paint

Towel rack

  • reclaimed building products and many other items (You never know what you’ll find!)
  • donate your used building items here and don’t forget to get a tax donation receipt
  • source:  ReBuilding Center


  • window covering fabric
  • shower curtain fabric
  • Roman shade ring tape and cord
  • iron on fuser fabric for covering mounting wood, Roman shade
  • source:  Fabric Depot

Drawer pulls, hardware

  • less expensive than another Portland store (that shall remain nameless) but same products
  • mounting brackets and screw eyes for Roman shade
  • grommet kit used for shower curtain
  • source:  Winks Hardware (The sales people are great, extremely knowledgeable, and will let you know the best lunch spot around, but grab a number because there’s usually a line, but it moves quickly.)

Wood Recycling

  • wood scraps can be recycled.  (Once a month garbage collection continued even during our project.)
  • source:  McFarlane’s Wood Recycling
  • For larger projects, order a wood recycling bin.

Tool Rental

  • 100lb floor roller to adhere Marmoleum to sub-flooring
  • source:  Lewis Rents

Estate sales/garage sales/dumpsters

  • Don’t overlook second-hand sales, dumpsters, and free piles for fixtures, pulls, and tools.  The vintage sink we installed in our bathroom was in a free pile at an estate sale.  It was a great find and sat in our basement for several years just waiting to be used.

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2 thoughts on “Sources: Bathroom Project

  1. Sara, You inspired me to do a mini remodel of our downstairs bathroom. When we moved in, we had the tub reglazed. Somewhere along the way Ty removed the old tub surround and tiled the walls. This time we repainted and installed a new toilet and pedestal sink. I got the toilet on Craigslist for $10. It is a brand new American Standard. Someone moved into a new condo and just wanted a different model. The sink is a Decolav. It cost us $75, again from Craigslist. Finally I got a new faucet from Home Depot on Clearance for $60. Again, an American Standard. We chose a different path for the old sink and toilet. I found a place called Tek Recycling Services online. I paid $30 to drop off both pieces. While I didn’t get any trade from Hippo or cash from Craigslist, I didn’t have to clean either piece, which would have been a huge undertaking as we think both were original to the house. Thanks again for all your inspiration! Melissa


    1. Melissa! This is great! I’m really impressed with you. You must have such a wonderful sense of accomplishment. So glad you shared your experience – thank you. And, your project sounds very Go Gingham!


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