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14 Days of Love

14 Days of LoveFor the next 2 weeks, until February 14th, I’m sharing things I love.  For the first day, February 1st, I’ll be honest with you – I love gingham.  If you’re surprised, just take a look at your browser address.  I love gingham so much, I named a website gingham.  (The domain Gingham Girl was taken otherwise you could be reading Gingham Girl dot-com right now)

So, where did this love of gingham begin?  Let’s go back in time…

In grade school, I had to wear a uniform to school every day.  Once I entered sixth grade, we were allowed to skip the black-watch plaid jumpers and go with pants or skirts and white, red or blue tops.  I wanted a coordinating vest to go with all colors (of course I did) and called every single store in town to find out if they sold “red, white, and blue plaid vests” but no one did.  My mom ended up sewing me one (thanks Mom!) that was reversible with navy polyester fabric on the back side.  Yes, it was the seventies and it was a check pattern otherwise known as gingham.

14 Days of Love

What can I say?  I love to coordinate and have a pulled together look.

Maybe it’s not just the gingham of it all but more the pattern.  Any pattern.  Perhaps all those years working for Ralph Lauren where the encouraged “uniform” was pattern on pattern on pattern with a patterned scarf in your hair or a pocket square.

It’s handsome on men (especially my husband – and when he’s wearing a gingham dress shirt, I say “Oh, hon, thanks for branding for me) and looks great on women.

I love it for decorating with and adding contrast to a sewing project.  My absolute favorite is cut and sewn on the bias (that’s on a 45 degree angle for all you non-sewers) with coordinating fabrics.

14 Days of Love

or even stamped on vinyl for a tablecloth like this one from our camping supplies.

14 Days of Love

Yes, it’s standard on a tablecloth but have you ever seen it on a bumper sticker?!

14 Days of Love

So, there you have it.  The beginnings of a beautiful relationship – Gingham and me!

What’s your favorite fabric?  Do you like plaids or stripes?  Gingham or solid?

Read more about things I love here on my about page.

4 thoughts on “14 Days of Love

  1. Love this! Especially that cute picture of you in school. Don’t forget your wedding fabric was gingham.


  2. I love polka dots–try to always bind my quilts with polka dots. I think they are happy and always make me smile…


    1. Hi Patty! I do love polka dots, also. Go Polka Dots just didn’t have the same ring to it though! My rocking chair from when my teens were babies is slip-covered in polka dot fabric with gingham accents – of course it is! Thanks Patty.


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