Love the Lunchtime Date

Love the Lunchtime Date

Looking for a date idea for Valentine’s Day?  Have a lunchtime date with your sweetie.  Go ahead and schedule it right now.  I’ll wait…you won’t be sorry.  It seems extra extravagant when having a daytime date.  And, when kids are in school, the parents should have a little fun, shouldn’t they?  Dining at lunch, especially at food carts will save you money and time.  Here’s why I love the lunchtime date.

Lunch entrees cost less.

Check the price on any menu.  In general, lunch items cost less than the same meal served at dinner time.  The portions are usually smaller, too, which is helpful if you’re like me and just trying to stay the same size.  Often times, the portions are so big, everyone feels better splitting the entrée instead of finishing it all.  Split the entrée, and you can go out for a lunchtime date twice as often – well, that’s the way I like to think of it.

Love the Lunchtime Date

Food carts are fun.

I’s like a little adventure.  “What part of the city should we go to?”  “What kind of food will be there?”  “What do you think we’ll get?”  “Should I get something from one cart and you from another and we’ll split it?”

Food carts or food trucks (whatever you like to call them) give you the opportunity to eat restaurant food without paying all the cost of a sit down restaurant.  Food carts give restaurateurs an opportunity to try a food establishment without a brick/mortar location.  It’s win-win.  Many carts change locations so check the address before you head out.  You won’t have to wait to be seated at a table either.

Love the Lunchtime Date

Have little kids still at home?  Swap with a friend.

Ok, it’s not as easy to just head out for lunch when there are little ones at home but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker either.  Organize a babysitting swap of kids with your friends during the day and go out to lunch.  Childcare trades are an excellent alternative to paying a sitter to watch your young ones.  Kids get a play date and parents get to go on a date?  Yes, please!  When our kids were little, we organized lots of trades and swaps.  They can’t be beat.

Love the Lunchtime Date

There are plenty of great food carts in Portland (and some so-so ones as well) but here are a few that have garnered multiple visits:

My 5 favorite food carts in Portland, Oregon
Garden State :: Italian à la Willamette Valley
Koi Fusion :: Think Korean food in a taco
Los Gorditos :: Mexican food that’s authentic
Tabor :: Authentic Czech eatery
Nong’s Khao Man Gai :: Thai food that’s simple

Honorable mention restaurant
Binh Minh Bakery :: Vietnamese sandwiches on fresh baguettes (if it’s raining, this is a great alternative to a food cart!)

Need more ideas?
Food Carts in Portland :: Here’s a great on-line guide to help you

Have a favorite lunch time spot I should try?  I’d love to know about it.

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2 thoughts on “Love the Lunchtime Date

  1. I am SO looking forward to the day my oldest turns 13 because this is just the sort of thing my husband I would like to do. It’s a lot harder when you’ve got to find babysitting, that’s for sure!


    1. Kristen – agreed! Once you can leave your kids by themselves it is such a saver on both time and money…no need to schedule sitters or pay them! Leaving kids at home by themselves was hard on me until I felt confident that they’d turn the stove off after making dinner and when they were willing to put themselves to bed. You’ll be there before you know it!


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