Hooping Fool Love

Hooping Fool LoveI love hula hooping.  I always have.  Back in the ‘70s, I was a hooping fool.  Hula hoops could be found going around on my neck, arms, stomach, and ankles.  Sometimes several of those spots had hula hoops going simultaneously.  Fast forward to present day (ok, more like 5 or so years ago), my friend, Crazy Charlotte, showed me her adult sized hula hoop and let me take it for a spin.  I was instantly transported right down memory lane.

Hooping Fool Love

So, for my next birthday, what do you think I asked for?  Yes, friends, a hula hoop.  It’s been a great gift and I use it regularly.  Adult hoops are not the same as kid’s hula hoops.  They’re bigger, heavier, and easier to keep up.  They’re even more fun when you turn on some music and go for it!  I even have a hula hooping playlist.

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Are you a hooping fool?  Do you like to hula hoop?

4 thoughts on “Hooping Fool Love

    1. Well, it always makes me laugh or at least smile when I’m doing it and that’s got to be good, right? Smiling while exercising? It could be that you need a heavier hoop. I can’t do my kids little light weight hoop around my waist. It always falls down but it does work on my ankles 🙂


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