Bathroom Progress Part 5

Bathroom Progress Part 5

The best part about the bathroom project, aside from the toilet working, bathtub working, and the sink working, is the pretty shower curtain and Roman shade.  The colors are bright, cheerful, and definitely say, “Good morning, Sunshine!” when you walk through the doorway!

Bathroom Progress Part 5

The Roman shade is on its second weight bar (that’s the wood dowel that sits in the bottom pocket hem).  As soon as I finished sewing the Roman shade, stringing it, adding velcro, and lining up the pesky little screw eyes, I was walking into the bathroom and the shade caught on two pieces of furniture and snapped in half!  Curses!  My husband glued it and taped it but it didn’t quite do it.  I had to buy another one.  Can you believe my luck?  I’m happy to report it’s working quite nicely now.

Bathroom Progress Part 5

To clarify, we still have a laundry chute but the door I found years ago at the ReBuilding Center won’t work out.  It’s too big and we don’t want to cut a lot of the floor just to make the door fit.  Don’t worry, I traded the laundry chute that we’re not using and the old sink that we took out of the original bathroom to Hippo Hardware and in exchange, they re-wired and shortened the light fixture.  A favorite board game is the right shape for a temporary laundry chute door.

Bathroom Progress Part 5

More finishing touches with the threshold added.  I know the bathroom floor will never be this clean again!

Bathroom Progress Part 5

Bathroom Progress Part 5

The sink that was in a free pile at an estate is installed and now working.  After a paste of baking soda and water sitting on it, it’s looking much better.

Bathroom Progress Part 5

So, if you’re wondering what’s left on the punch list:

  • medicine cabinet shelves need painting and lining
  • door to the bathroom needs to be cut and painted
  • laundry chute door – will we find one or make one?  We’ll see…

It’s been great having the bathroom back in a mostly working order.  Having not cleaned out the bathroom cabinet in 13-years has given us lots of laughs about what is still around – Desitin, for starters.  Who knew?!

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5 thoughts on “Bathroom Progress Part 5

  1. Kudos on nearing the end of your bathroom re-do! I’ve enjoyed following the progress and I really admire that you did all that plumbing yourself. And using “Blokus” to temporarily block the laundry chute – that made me smile. For a more permanent door, maybe you could use one of your garage sale frames, paint it your white trim color, add a handle, and frame a leftover piece of your new flooring? the frame would need to be bigger than the hole, but if you created a square secondary frame on the back-side that fit your chute opening, it may fit snugly in there. Just a thought! Maybe a wacky one!


    1. Laurie! I love the creative thinking. We certainly have gone around in circles on this very topic. We just put the finishing touches on the new door this week and you won’t believe how it all came together! I love it and I think you will, too. Thanks for your nice comment. I have a plumber’s smile right now 🙂


  2. Wow, Sara! The bathroom is beautiful!!! It seems like you got it done fast, but I am sure in the Tetreault household, time did not go by as quickly! I love that you saved money every step of the way. I would love to know total cost when you are done. Great job!!!


    1. Thanks Annie! Yes, it seemed to go on for a bit since we were all crowded into the “man cave” bathroom in the very cold basement! I think the cost was about $1,000 with the biggest expense being the flooring. I’ll be totaling it up and letting you know soon. Thanks for the kind words!


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