Women’s Money Week

Go Gingham for Women's Money WeekThis week I’m participating in Women’s Money Week, organized by Elizabeth Sanberg (writer for Wise Bread and co-founder of GoGreenTravelGreen) and Jackie Beck of MoneyCrush.comThe idea behind Women’s Money Week is for bloggers to focus on issues related to women and money.  This week long focus coincides with International Women’s Day.

Our goal is to reach a wide audience and provide answers and assistance to women just starting to take control of their finances, share knowledge and the know-how of women who already have a voice, and create a dialogue among women bloggers.

Here’s the schedule of posts for the week and what you can look forward to reading about.

  • Monday:  Entrepreneurship
  • Tuesday:  Relationships & Money
  • Wednesday:  Saving & Investing
  • Thursday:  Budgeting
  • Friday:  Money in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and Retirement
  • Saturday:  Debt
  • Sunday:  Goals and Taking Action

Want to know who else is participating?  Here’s the list of bloggers who are participating.

If you’re a regular reader of Go Gingham, you might be wondering why I’ve signed up for an entire week of budget related posts.  I was kind of wondering that myself!!  This week inspired me to share ideas and stories that I had been thinking about writing but I needed something to kick start me to get going.  I hope this week will do the same for you.  Here’s a post about why the budget category is challenging for me.