A New Roof

Roof Burnt SiennaI’m happy to report that our new roof is installed and finished.  I’m even happier to report that I didn’t have to do anything for it.  Well, I take that back…I spent 2011 telling my husband that 2012 was the year of the roof and that we were going to pay someone else to install it.  It took a year of me gently reminding him (not nagging) that we had to get a new roof for him to get used to the idea.  It’s hard to pay a lot of money for something that just sits there, isn’t it?  It took no time at all for him to get on board with someone else installing it.  Our last roofing project was in fact our last roofing project.

The roofing company we hired did an excellent job and I’d use them again.  I would also recommend them to a friend.  The worst part about the project was the weather. The old roof came off on Friday and there was a rain and snow mix all weekend long.  They were done in 2 days and I’m sure it would have taken us 2 months to complete the same project.

These hardly even qualify as minor issues but the flowers are so pretty, I had to share.  Here’s what else happened….

Our poor chickens.  Our backyard girls were upset and complained both days.  They stayed in their coop the entire time and squawked.  Chickens are crazy, skittish creatures, and they didn’t like all of the noise and told anyone who was willing to listen all about it.

Pretty Spring Flowers

This poor fish.  The house endured so much pounding, nailing, and hammering a few picture frames were lopsided and the poor little fish lost a fin and his eye.  Both body parts have been found.  Usually it sits atop the wood window trim in my son’s room but it dropped to the ground at some point.  Never fear, this little estate sale treasure will be put back together and in its rightful spot in no time.

The New Roof

The little fish matches these Roman shades quite nicely.

The New Roof 1

My poor flowers.  Between the weather and the roof installers, they may not recover this year.  Luckily, I took these pictures before winter part II settled here in Portland and the big ladders showed up.  These flowers are indestructible and have been here for the entire 16+ years we’ve owned the house so I’m sure they’ll be back again next spring or winter.

Pretty Spring Flowers

For those readers who live in Portland, Oregon, we used Tom Leach Roofing.  The color we chose was “Burnt Sienna” made by Certain Teed.

Pretty Spring Flowers

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2 thoughts on “A New Roof

  1. Sara, I thought of you when reading the recent article in The Oregonian regarding a class on how to clicker-train your chickens! Evidently they are very receptive. Perhaps the girls could have been soothed with a few clicks. The article got me thinking about what/who else could be trained to enjoy the clicker . . .


  2. So glad to see that you had someone else do the job – it is dangerous!!! And all your other frugal habits make it possible to splurge where it makes sense. I really admire that about the way you do things!!!


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