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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

Dinner two nights this week included a quinoa salad I’ve been experimenting with.  It will be featured on a Fusion NW TV show soon.  We filmed it in our kitchen on Wednesday morning and talked about three easy grains to cook.  These grains are good to eat while transitioning away from white rice and white pasta.  The quinoa salad has shrimp in it and makes a satisfying meal.

Having the big TV lights in my house always makes me cringe a little.  When those things get turned on, they highlight all of the cobwebs that come with old houses!  I suppose that’s why we haven’t added additional lighting to our kitchen.

Weekly Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Monday,  April 2, 2012 to Sunday, April 8, 2012.

Monday:  white beans, kale and pork soup

Tuesday:  white beans, kale and pork soup (leftovers)

Wednesday:  quinoa salad with shrimp

Thursday:  quinoa salad with shrimp (leftovers)

Friday:  fish (salmon, from freezer) brown rice, green salad

Saturday:  whole wheat pasta with garlic sauce and veggies

Sunday:  egg salad sandwiches

Sunday was Easter and my son made egg salad sandwiches with the eggs we colored on Saturday.  Our big meal was at brunch and we enjoyed sandwiches made with fresh eggs from our backyard chickens, ham slices, cheese, and biscuits.  The biscuits are from Trader Joe’s and I love their biscuits that open the “pop” of the canister.  8 come in a package and it’s an indulgence at our house – Easter only type thing.  There’s no way I can make my biscuits taste the same!  We had fresh pineapple, too.  My daughter made the brunch on Easter Sunday.  She was scheduled to make dinner earlier in the week but was too busy to fit it in.

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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