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Just Slip-Cover It!

slip cover Please stop me. I know there’s probably medication for this but I just can’t help myself. Since our bathroom project is 99% done and all that’s left is hanging artwork on the walls, I had to sew this little back of toilet slip-cover. Had to. It’s gingham, it’s on the bias, and it’s using leftovers – all of which I love! What more can you ask for with a sewing project? It’s just so cute! Here’s the thing: when the lid of the toilet hit the back or tank part it made a loud noise so I was just trying to mask the sound. Honest. It has nothing to do with me loving to sew slip-covers for just about anything. I promise.

Just slip-cover it!

slip cover bathroom And, it matches the rest of the bathroom so nicely. Gingham drawer liners Oh, and don’t forget these shelf liners I made with gingham fabric and an iron-on vinyl. How to instructions for that project are here.

Shelf liners diy Yes, it’s true. I do love gingham! Just slip-cover it!

Do you sew slip-covers for strange items? Do you want to? Is there a fabric cuter than gingham?

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14 thoughts on “Just Slip-Cover It!

    1. So true! Between the slip-covers and the chairs – it’s a problem! A cute one. I’ve got to have a chair sale!! I’m not even calling it a garage sale because it’s all chairs :/


  1. I just finished making dresser pads for the dressers in our bedroom. We got a new dresser for my husband delivered last week. I made the pads to keep the tops from getting scratched. They are not gingham, but I used a tapestry we got in England for one and some decorative cotton fabric a cousin gave us from Abu Dabi for the two others. The reverse side is cotton flannel. Yes, I still enjoy a sewing project every now and then. I love seeing yours! Great inspiration.


    1. Lisa, those sound lovely! Good idea on pads to keep dressers from getting scratched – especially if your furniture begins without scratches in the first place! I’m usually trying to cover something up or in this case – covering a sound. Thanks for leaving a comment.


      1. Versatile too! Great idea, making it reversable. You can use both sides before needing to throw it in the wash.

        The back of my toilet now looks like it needs a stylish treatment of some sort, instead of a stack of books and magazines.


  2. Can I pay you to make me one? or do I need to go to Etsy? This would mean I would never have to clean the top of the toilet again, just throw that in the wash. Heaven. My eyes sparkled when I saw this! Let me know. 🙂


    1. Well, that is one of the benefits of a little slip-cover – less dust. No, I’m not selling them but that’s a great business idea 🙂 Thanks Michelle!


  3. Hilarious and extreme . . . “reversible” ‘natch! Good thing kids never stay still long enough. We could slipcover them and line ’em up on the porch 🙂


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