Corn Dog Review

Corn Dog ReviewThis is probably surprising to you because I’m not usually a purchaser of corn dogs or of any processed foods, but when Foster Farms contacted me about reviewing their new and improved corn dog, I agreed to do it and here’s why: both of my kids attend public schools where hot lunches are served and I’m interested in improving the quality of food that’s being served in our public schools.  Not every family has time to pack healthy lunches and snacks for their children and even though my kids don’t eat school lunches, I don’t want unhealthy food served at their schools or any others.

Foster Farms corn dogs for school cafeterias are now being made with whole grains, are lower in fat, and have reduced sodium.  Is it the ideal meal?  No, but it is an improvement.  I do like that it’s quick to eat.  With school recesses being shorter and shorter, I know kids just want to get their food down and get outside to play.

Corn Dog Review

I definitely see the need for healthy, good tasting, quick to eat school lunches and these are a step in the right direction.

So, what did my taste-testers say?  My son and his 2 friends liked them and they liked the batter.  My husband tried one and said the honey batter was too sweet for him but he’s a bit old for school lunches.

I like that Foster Farms made the effort to improve their food that’s being served at schools.  These are definitely better than eating a bag of potato chips or not eating at all.  The sticks can be composted, too.

Corn Dog Review

Disclosure: I was not compensated by Foster Farms to write this review.  You can find my disclosure policy here.

4 thoughts on “Corn Dog Review

  1. Sara, right underneath your post on fb was a posting from KGW about healthy school lunches! Apparently HBO is highlighting James John Elementary in North Portland for choosing healthy foods. I thought to myself how you always have your finger on the pulse! Your posts are always worthwhile and in tune with what is going on in many of our lives. Thanks for posting such timely material!!


    1. Darcy, thanks. I was actually invited to that event at James John but couldn’t fit it into my schedule :/ I’m really glad it’s becoming more of a focus because it is so important. You are welcome on the posting and I’m not sure if you know but your son was one of my testers!!


  2. I had cravings for corn dogs while pregnant with boy #2, and until he went vegetarian, he was a huge corn dog fan. We even have a corn dog magnet set…Glad Foster Farms is aiming higher. Much less of that kind of food in my diet these days, but every once in a while, I have to indulge!


    1. Leslie, that is too funny about the corn dog cravings! I was more of a “Big Ed’s Flying Saucer” craver or peaches – no idea why! Thanks for leaving a comment!


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