What is Stylishly Frugal Living?

Frugal living with style

What exactly is Stylishly Frugal Living?  It’s a question I get asked often.  People want to know what in the world I’m talking about when I say I’m a “Stylishly Frugal Living Expert” (yes, I made up that title).  Stylishly Frugal Living allows you to live richly in ways that you choose through thoughtful spending, smart use of resources, and efficient use of time.  It looks different for each person because what I value is probably different from what you value.  There’s no right or wrong way because it’s choosing how you want to live.  That’s what’s important…you’re thinking about how you want to live and choosing.

What is Stylishly Frugal Living?

Outdoor decorating

Choosing to live intentionally.

Choosing to think about how to best prioritize spending.

Choosing to think about how spending affects the environment.

Stylishly Frugal Living

Choosing to find the sweet spot where economic decisions and green living decisions come together.

Choosing to spend time on what you most value.

Time is a luxury

Choosing not to waste time.

Thoughtful spending, smart use of resources, and efficient use of time – that’s Stylishly Frugal Living.

How do you live intentionally?
What are some strategies you use to help prioritize your spending?
What are some of your struggles in trying to best manage your time?

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10 thoughts on “What is Stylishly Frugal Living?

    1. Heidi, absolutely, yes! It’s a constant struggle in our society to not spend but it does really add up (the savings, that is) when you choose not to spend but to save instead. Thanks for the reminder!


  1. I love how you are able to distill your philosophy into such a simple explanation. It seems like we make things much more complicated than they need to be – it really does come down to choosing how we want to live. I agree and love to learn about the ways you are doing this in your life!


  2. Really like this food for thought. I guess we are stylishly frugal! Time is a huge issue for us. “Frugal” can sometimes = time consuming. While we mostly enjoy all of our DIY renovation projects (which are important to our financial health), we have to be careful to balance those with activities that are important to our relationships and emotional health.


    1. Rita, I agree. Finding the balance in doing a project yourself or hiring someone else and paying is a constant discussion around here. We have time to do more projects ourselves these days but we still hired someone else to install a roof on our house. THAT project would’ve taken us months and the roofing company was done in 2 days! Good for you being frugal with your time!


  3. I think their could be one more statement that emphasizes the Stylish element, to differentiate from just living frugally. Something about incorporating beauty into living, etc. I’m not getting a flash of wording brilliance here, but you know what I mean!


    1. Michelle, you are so right. Living beautifully and frugally at the same time is the style element that’s missing! For example, I enjoy dressing up and wearing lovely clothing and have my home decorated nicely. That’s when it helps to be frugal. You can have all those things without spending lots of money on them. Thank you…


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