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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

Can you tell which nights our family has something going on?  It seems every time there’s a school meeting or a practice or a game, we’re eating bean and cheese burritos with fresh salsa and our favorite sauce!  Yes, it’s a weekly meal and it’s quick and healthy as long as the cheese doesn’t get piled on too thick.  This past bean and cheese burrito night, I taught my first class about “Stylishly Frugal Living” at the library.  The fire marshal did not have to be summoned because of the huge crowd.  All went well but I made my husband come with me to take notes on what needed improving.  Of course every time I saw him writing something down, I thought to myself, “Oh, for heaven’s sake, what’s he writing down now?” which of course made me lose my train of thought.  His list wasn’t too long.

Weekly Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Monday, May 21, 2012 to Sunday, May 27, 2012.

Monday:  spicy lentils over roasted cauliflower

Tuesday:  parents had spicy leftover over lentils and kids had pinto beans (freezer), cheese and fresh salsa burritos

Wednesday:  egg in the basket (known in some parts as “egg  in the hole” or “popeye toast” – basically a toasted piece of bread with a fried egg in the center), with spinach and cheese

Thursday:  lasagna and green salad

Friday:  lasagna (leftovers) and green salad

Saturday:  fish, quinoa and green salad was scheduled but we had shrimp and pasta salad instead.  No one remembered to take the fish out of the freezer.

Sunday:  family birthday dinner for cousin Haley

Weekly Meal Plan

My daughter made dinner on Wednesday night and luckily, there were enough eggs!  My son made dinner on Saturday but since the fish was frozen solid (we don’t have a microwave oven so we de-thaw food the old fashioned way), he made our favorite shrimp, pasta, and veggie salad.  He was scheduled to make dinner on Friday but spent the night at a friend’s house instead.  He was barely awake to cook by Saturday evening!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan

  1. Hi Sara.
    Kudos on your class at the library. Too funny, you’re comment about your husband taking notes and your thoughts in the moment “what’s he writing down now?”. I could picture the scenario. But I’m sure everything went very well.
    We went without a microwave for many years. And I didn’t find that to be a great inconvenience. But for some reason, so many other people seemed to think that it was horribly primitive of me to not have one!
    Your meals look delicious!


    1. Thanks, Lili! I agree that it’s not an inconvenience to go without a microwave. Also, our kitchen is very small and I’m not sure where would put one if we had one! It does throw people off a little when we do a home exchange and folks stay at our house who are used to having one. I don’t miss one at all.


  2. Hi Sara,
    Will you share your shrimp, pasta, veggie salad recipe? The name of it is pretty self-explanatory but what kind of dressing or sauce do you usually put on it?
    Thanks for all your helpful hints.


    1. Brenda, you’re welcome! And, yes, I will share the recipe. I have it written down and just need to type it up. Thanks for reading…:)


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