Just Say No to Baby Carrots

Just say no to baby carrots

If you like to eat baby carrots that are ready to consume, I have news for you. Ready to eat baby cut carrots are really just big carrots that have been cut and sanded down into those cute little shapes. They’re not bad but they don’t taste nearly as good as long, fresh carrots that haven’t been chopped, processed, and sanded. It takes a little effort to chop carrots and get them ready for munching on but once you taste the difference, you’ll just say no to baby carrots, too. Keeping fresh vegetables on hand and ready for eating is a great way to keep hungry mouths fed, too. When my kids come home from school ready for a snack, I whip carrots out of the refrigerator for munching on while additional snacks get prepared.

Just say no to baby carrots

Here are my carrot buying tips:

Cut off carrot tops

  • Buy organic carrots so you don’t have to peel them.
  • Scrub with a brush prior to cutting off tops and bottoms.
  • Look for long, thin carrots because they’re easier to cut and they taste better, too.
  • If carrots start to get soft and rubbery, soak them in ice water in the refrigerator until they firm up.
  • Can’t use your carrots in time?  Dice or chop and freeze for later use in a stew or soup.
  • Check the unit price – baby cut carrots are usually more expensive than even the organic ones.

Cut carrots down to snack size

Get your carrots munching ready….

  1. Scrub carrots with a vegetable brush in cold water to get off any dirt.
  2. Cut tops and bottoms off of carrots.
  3. Cut large round carrots in half before cutting them into snack size pieces.
  4. Store in air tight container to keep from drying out.
  5. Sprinkle with water if necessary to keep from drying out or getting soft.

Just say no to baby carrots

Honestly, baby carrots are better than eating junk food or fast food but if you’re looking for more taste in your carrots, try buying them fresh and long. Greens attached are even better. Try growing carrots, too. Carrots straight from the garden are the best.

Grow carrots in your garden!

My carrots get stored in a container that is getting refilled regularly. When the container gets slimy (yes, it happens), I run it through the dishwasher and then set it in the sun to dry. Letting food storage containers soak with baking soda and vinegar is another way to keep them fresh smelling and the slime away.

How to store carrots

I save all of my green carrot tops and cut off tops and bottoms in a plastic bag in my freezer. Whenever I go to make chicken broth or vegetable broth, all I have to do is empty my bag of frozen vegetable scraps into the pot and bring it to a boil. (Find out how to make your own broth.)You can’t get that from a bag of baby carrots, now can you?

Are you inspired to have a carrot taste test at your house?

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15 thoughts on “Just Say No to Baby Carrots

    1. Kerry, I will be honest…I had a hard time not peeling them but my husband convinced me to not and it is a time saver! Go organic and don’t peel just a little scrub down. That sounds refreshing!!


  1. We grew carrots in our garden for the first time a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t believe the difference in flavor. Since then I, too, have noticed the taste difference between baby cut carrots and “regular” carrots.


    1. Kris, homegrown carrots are the best but you’re right – regular carrots are a big improvement over the baby ones. My carrots didn’t come up at all last year and I have no idea why? We’ll see about this year…thanks for stopping by!!


    1. Heidi, the baking soda and vinegar is a staple cleaning program around here. It’s also a good tonic for slow, old house plumbing like ours! I’m sure your garden is amazing!!


  2. Your are so right! I often go for the easy baby carrots, but I forget how processed they are. Thanks for the reminder that doing something better isn’t that much harder!!!


  3. My mom was, and is, the ultimate frugal-ess. She is amazing…and I’ve definitely learned some tips and tricks, even if my husband does think I’m crazy when I water my plants with the water I used to thaw the package of fish in or what not!

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at the BlogHer dinner at Canlis. If you’ve never been you’re in for a treat!


    1. Erina, it was great meeting you! You’re lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your mom. She sounds amazing.


    1. You won’t be sorry, Minnie! I just made dinner and added my carrot tops and bottoms to my freezer bag that I save for making broth. Easy – peasy broth when saving those little scraps!!


    1. Dear Nicole, don’t give up on the carrot!! Your toddler will come around. It’s such a healthy, easy snack. I promise – you’ll be happy to pack those carrots for snacks or school lunches in no time 🙂


  4. This kind of late in this discussion, but I just wanted to say that maybe I’m a little crazy but I love peeling carrots. It is a kind of zen thing for me. I find it so relaxing.
    Awhile ago my roommates only bought baby carrots, and I remember thinking “wow I guess I do not like carrots anymore”
    Then I found the info online. Oh and farmer’s market carrots are even more yummy.


    1. Alex, that’s a good story and completely true! The taste of baby carrots is not nearly as good. My daughter had friends over recently who echoed this exactly. After snacking on carrots they both commented that those were the best carrots they had ever tasted! Thanks, Alex.


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