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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

We kicked off the summer grilling season and celebrated Memorial Day with hamburgers on the grill this week.  We made sliders, which are just small hamburger patties on small buns, and had all the fixings you can imagine.  I do believe sliders were invented by someone who wanted to eat more than one burger at a sitting but couldn’t eat more than one so they made them smaller – so they could fix up their burgers differently each time.  We don’t have hamburgers very often so it’s always a big production with getting the Weber grill out and talking about the burgers and how each one will be assembled.

Our hamburger meat came from New Season’s Market, which is a local grocery store and where I usually purchase our beef.  I like to mix 1-pound ground beef with 1-pound ground pork.  The ground pork is Carlton Farms, which is in Oregon and is sold at my favorite Asian market, An Dong.  The cashiers at An Dong always tell me how they cook with the food items I buy there.  I think I should start bringing my recipe notebook with me when I shop!

Weekly Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Monday, Monday, May 28, 2012 to Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monday: hamburgers on the grill (sliders, small burgers) with fixings’

Tuesday:  Mediterranean tacos (hummus from freezer)

Wednesday:  pan seared cod, brown rice and green peas

Thursday:  pinto bean (freezer) and cheese burritos with fresh salsa

Friday:  dinner group for the adults and whole wheat pasta and veggies for kids

Saturday:  roasted chicken with barbeque sauce, curry seasoned brown rice and green salad

Sunday:  (leftovers) chicken with barbeque sauce, quinoa and green salad

Chicken with BBQ sauce, brown rice & salad

My daughter made dinner on Thursday night and my son made dinner on Friday.  Both were happy with their easy cooking assignments this week.  It seems the end of school year frenzy is in full swing and my kids have had lots of homework and school projects – so they say.  My husband and I had dinner group on Friday and you’ll hear about that soon!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan

  1. Sounds delish! Just vegan stuff here today — lentil-barley salad in dijon vinaigrette, onion-cauliflower soup and garlic toast. I doubled everything but the garlic toast last night, so we’ll have leftovers at lunch today. It’s been so chilly, we’re still in soup season here.


    1. Lili, I was in Seattle over this chilly weekend, too! It was definitely soup season still 🙂 Your meals sound like ours – including the leftovers for lunch!!


  2. I noticed you cook with a lot of ground pork. Does your family just prefer it or is it more cost effective? I really enjoy your blog, by the way! Do you have a recipe for the Mediterranean tacos?


    1. Hi Ruthie,
      I’m going to answer this excellent question in a separate post because I thought of several reasons why I cook with pork vs. beef. Look for it soon and thank you for the idea!!


  3. I love that you are having avocado on your burgers. I LOVE avocado!!! It is very hard to find good avocados out here on the East coast! They are either not ripe and don’t ripen well or feel ripe but were actually just handled too much. It is a sad state of affairs.


    1. Annie, I remember that about the East coast…more avocados = more better 🙂 They were delicious and I’d absolutely do it again.


    1. Oh, Minnie, Saturday was a delicious day indeed! I had to stop my family from eating too much so that we had enough for Sunday – which we did. We just had a bigger salad!!


      1. hahaha! Too bad we don’t eat meat on Saturdays….maybe save some for the Sunday instead?

        I love how you plan a week ahead. I do too, but then I end up making something entirely different than what’s on the menu. I need to improve upon that.


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