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BlogHer Food and Too Much Fun!

BlogHer Fun in SeattleI had the best time at BlogHer Food this past weekend! With 3 days of meeting new people, making new friends, and eating delicious food, it was an absolute whirlwind trip to BlogHer Food 2012 in Seattle, Washington. I shared a hotel room with Sheila from Eat 2 Gather (pictured above with me), Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer, and Carrie from La Pomme de Portland. We stayed up chatting when we should have been sleeping and had to wake up too early in the morning to get our lipstick on and get ready for all of the conference sessions! My new briefcase was the belle of the ball and everyone wanted to take a peak at it. Here are some highlights from the weekend….

BlogHer Food and Too Much Fun!

Below is my favorite photo – someone took it with Sandy’s camera – it was flying around Instagram and Twitter with the title “Charlie’s Angels + 1” and I can’t believe how short I look – all those other gals are wearing heels! Left to right: Corryanne from Housewife Bliss, me, Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer, and Sheila from Eat 2 Gather. This was taken Saturday night, after the closing party. We had just been dancing up a storm!! I also got to meet the Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond, who couldn’t have been any nicer.

BlogHer Food

Can we just talk about my outfit for a second? My pants and belt are from my days of working for Ralph Lauren and are 20+ years old and dare I say, still stylish? My striped top is from the Goodwill bins and I had a second-hand cream colored jacket to complete the look. Very stylishly frugal!

The session when I spoke went really well and I wasn’t too nervous (wink, wink). It was all about keeping chickens in your backyard. If you’d like to see the Power Point, it can be found here.

On Friday night, Chobani Yogurt hosted an exclusive dinner at one of Seattle’s finest restaurants, Canlis. The view was beautiful.

BlogHer Food and Too Much Fun

The chef prepared a meal that was outstanding and he used Chobani Yogurt in all of the recipes. I had the Pacific King Salmon as my entrée.  It was out of this world.

BlogHer Food and Chobani

Canlis dinner with Chobani yogurt

I got to dine across the table from these two fine ladies – Keren Brown, the Frantic Foodie and author of “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle” and Alice Currah, of Savory Sweet Life and author of “Savory Sweet Life” her first cookbook.

BlogHer Food and Chobani Dinner

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….that is not my fractured foot….

Make lemonade

that’s my husband’s fractured foot. He injured it just days before I left on the train for Seattle. This was life giving us a few lemons and we had to quickly make lemonade! He plays on an indoor soccer team with our son and they always return from the games bloodied and bruised but this went beyond being cured by an ice-pack. We spent a day getting him examined, x-rayed, and booted. Luckily, there wasn’t much driving that needed doing in my absence and our kids pitched in around the house. My husband has a “flexible schedule” and works from home so he’s been taking it easy and letting us wait on him.

Organized entryway - not!

Does this happen to you when you’re gone for a few days? Our usually very organized entryway caused traffic jams and luckily no one broke their foot on this mess! With the end of school hustle and bustle, routines were tossed out the window and not one thing got put in its rightful spot while I was palm-pressing and back-slapping at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle.

On Sunday, I arrived at the train station right on time and my mom picked me up and we went straight to my kids’ piano recital. They performed beautifully and we had a dinner at our house after for 7 people and I had this baby in the freezer ready to be baked in the oven. Meal plan, BAM! It’s a spinach lasagna that I had assembled 2 weeks ago and then froze for Sunday. That’s all that was left the next morning – after my kids ate the leftovers for breakfast!

Frozen lasagna

Leftover lasagna

I took a nap on Monday afternoon that was glorious. Glorious!

How’s your week going? Are you having too much fun?

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17 thoughts on “BlogHer Food and Too Much Fun!

  1. Great post! So glad to hear about your trip! I will check out the power-point presentation a little later. I am sure you were fabulous!

    P.S. I can’t BELIEVE you can still wear your croc belt with the sterling buckle! You look great – you skinny, lucky thing! Mine went to Goodwill – I know I provided a very good second-hand shopping day for someone!


    1. Thanks, Annie! That belt only fits with high waisted pants which is why I’m so glad those waistlines are scooting back up to where they belong – so I can wear my belt. I can’t believe you took that belt to Goodwill! I dream of finding another one there – in a larger size 😉


  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. Great presentation, too.

    Your house will get back to normal soon. I think its kinda nice when things fall apart a little because you’re not there. It shows how necessary we are in the whole grand scheme.


    1. Thanks, Heidi, it was a blast and always so fun to be with blogger friends in person! Yes, the house is on its way but you’re right – we are very necessary in making it all come together 🙂


  3. I love that outfit!! I am a Goodwill hunter myself, much to my husband’s disgust, but I cannot let go of a good deal. I am so glad you had so much fun. One day I would love to join one such party……as a blogger, that’s the dream I have.


    1. Thanks, Minnie! I love a deal, too, and I love beautiful clothing so Goodwill works out quite nicely. You should go to a blogger conference if you get the chance. The in-person connections are totally worth it – and it’s fun!


      1. Problem is, I have started blogging like a month ago. I’m still navigating the intricacies. I didn’t even know that blogger conferences existed. I live in Boston, so if you know any happening nearby, please give me a ping. I would love to go to one.


  4. Hi Sara,

    You look radiant! I know how fulfilling it can be to finally connect with people who you’ve always “known” in virtual reality. I’m so glad you got that opportunity — and the nap? It sounds glorious to me too.

    Congratulations on being chosen as a speaker!

    Wishing you much continued success,


    1. Oh, Amy, thank you! It was so fun to meet people I’ve only known through the internet. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. More fun than I ever could have imagined! Thanks for such a fun post. And I just have to say…you were the best speaker on your panel. Loved it! Till next time!


    1. Oh, Sheila! You’re so kind for saying so 🙂 Can’t wait until next time is right ~ Austin ~ here we come!! Thank you.


    1. Oh Ruthie, it’s work! I mean it’s a healthy lifestyle and I exercise regularly. It’s sad that I can’t eat like I use to but I want to stay the same size (aside from gravity doing its part!) and stay healthy. I don’t have good family history on my side as my dad died very young due to poor health, etc. I’m trying to live to be 100 so I do try and eat healthy, wholesome foods and if my jeans start to feel too snug, I adjust. Thank you!!


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