Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day!  To celebrate Father’s Day, I’d like to honor all Fathers and especially my own, who died suddenly many years ago at the very young age of 51.  My dad was a “master griller” meaning he loved to grill on his big Weber Kettle barbeque (charcoal only, of course).  Growing up, we always had grilled turkey for Thanksgiving dinner regardless of the weather in our hometown of rainy Portland, Oregon.  When my husband and I got married, my Dad even grilled a turkey that we served at our wedding reception.  It was lovely, delicious, and very stylishly frugal.

Happy Father’s Day

Cooking on the barbeque is a tradition in my family and fortunately for me, my Dad taught my husband the intricacies of grilling turkeys and other foods.  All 3 of my brothers are “grill masters” and my sister’s soon-to-be-husband is as well.  They’ve each got a few barbeque and grilling tips to share in honor of Father’s Day.

My older brother, Ed, who lives in Zurich, Switzerland with his wife and 3 children had these tips:

Happy Father's Day

“My most important tip is that the bird rules.  Of course it does, however, what this means is that everyone else must be flexible.  Guests should arrive in a bandwidth of time, and should just be prepared to be in a good mood and wait while enjoying one another´s company.  And although the bird is ruling the most important ingredients are relaxed and happy guests, so everyone should just show up with a good mood, and then see how things develop.  No timelines, please. Guten Appetit.”

My younger brother, Peter, who lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife and daughter had these tips:

Happy Father's Day

“Actually grilling the bird needs more than one tip.  Here are my top five.”

  1. Brine the bird for at least 48 hours.  Put the frozen bird in a double-plastic bag of brine.  It will thaw and keep the mix cold and take in the brine.  I use Dan Gill’s Brine Recipe.
  2. Smoke the bird with hickory or apple chips (but not both) for 2-3 hours at low temp using mesquite.  Then bring the temp up for the remaining 3-4 hours (time based on a 23 pound turkey, my forte’).  I start at about 8am for the turkey to be done around 2:30pm.  Then I tent it for about 20-30 minutes.  I stuff it with onions, garlic, and oranges.  The smoke will render the skin un-edible and after first coating it with olive oil before placement, should have a dark mahogany color.
  3. Always ask a guest to carve, as it keeps the party lively and that way, I can socialize.  I never have a problem finding a guest, different every year, who is willing to carve.
  4. The smoke adds a level of flavor that mesquite alone cannot provide.  While mesquite is good on its own, the smoke puts your meat above everyone else’s.
  5. We celebrate Thanksgiving in May as spring time is better weather than November and we can sit outside.  We invite loads of people and do it pot-luck.

My youngest brother, Ted, and his wife also live in Bend, Oregon.  They have two young kids.  He had this to add to the grilling tips:

Grilling tips

“One big rule for male hosts is to never neglect your guests socially.  Handling too many duties opens the door for this to happen.”

My sister’s fiancee, Weston, who is marrying my sister, Mary, this August had these to add.  Mary and Weston live in Anchorage, Alaska.

Happy Father's Day

“Charcoal, charcoal, charcoal.  It gives the meat or anything else you may be grilling a more robust flavor while leaving out that awful propane taste.  Some may say it takes too long or is to messy but buy yourself a chimney for around $10 and your problems are solved.”

And, lastly, my favorite (and dare I say the best!) “Grill Master” of all, my husband, Brad, had these tips to include.

Happy Father's Day

“Don’t stuff the turkey.  Make the stuffing on the stove top and then bake that in the oven while the turkey is on the grill.  Pile the coals to the sides of the grill and put the turkey in the middle (with a drip pan underneath).  After that, don’t fuss with it and just add coals to the side piles every 45 minutes.  Using a Weber, leave the top vents fully open and bottom vents about 1/2 way open.  A 15lb turkey will easily be done in 3 hours or less.”

Thank you to all of the “Grill Masters” in my life for sharing their tips. Happy Father’s Day one and all!

Happy Father’s Day! How are you spending today?

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18 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Oh this was so fun to read. I shared this with hubby – we’re trying to decide what to do about buying another grill or not, and charcoal vs. propane this time around.

    I try not to pay much attention to blogging on Sundays, but I loved my ‘quick peeks’ today at various sites!! 😉


    1. Thanks, Kerry! We only have charcoal at our house and I would like a propane one but then I’d have to do the grilling….I like that my husband handles it. Only twice have I grilled on the charcoal Weber and while I can do it I don’t prefer it. Too messy with all that charcoal BUT my husband loves to!


    1. Rita, we had mussels on the stove in a lovely broth. It was too cold and my husband wasn’t up for grilling with his bum foot : / We had a great day. Hopefully, you did, too!


    1. Annie, there’s nothing better than grilled turkey. I know everyone likes these turkey fryers but grilled on the Weber is the best!


    1. Thanks, Julie! Everyone seemed to enjoy sharing their tips and I may have to consult with these fine men more often.


  2. Loved seeing the family round-up, especially your Dad! For my Dad and my Sweetheart, I did my first cedar plank salmon on the gas grill. It was delicious!! The plank was a left-over piece of my friend’s new fence that she cut to length, sanded, and wrapped up with her famous salmon rub as a Christmas gift to me. A stylish and frugal gift that was enjoyed by many on Sunday.


    1. Oh, Michelle! That sounds absolutely lovely. It’s fantastic that you grilled on a leftover piece of fencing that was re-purposed right into a gracious and thoughtful gift. Your friend is clever. Very stylishly frugal, indeed! So glad you had a good day 🙂


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