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Go Gingham Comment Policy

Since my blog is my business, I’ve been trying to act more like a business and get official terms and policies in place. My terms of use of this website are here and it’s important for readers to understand what they are before using this site. This site or blog is my online presence for sharing my methods and tips and the blog posts are online conversations.  Your comments, thoughts, suggestions, and ideas are what make this blog come to life.  When you leave a comment, it keeps the conversation and interaction going.  I know it takes time to leave a comment and I appreciate each one I receive.  Thank you.

Here’s my comment policy:

  • I read every single comment.  Yes, I try to respond to each one but it doesn’t always happen.  I do read all of them.
  • Be nice.  It’s fine to disagree with me or with other readers but do so in a kind way.
  • Keep it clean.  This is a family friendly site.  Think little eyes and small mouths.
  • Edit it.  I correct comments.  If you leave a comment with a misspelled word, I’m going to fix it for you.  Same for grammar, if I catch it.
  • Use it.  When you leave a comment on my site, I may use it in an upcoming post or quote you.  Read more about using this site here.
  • First name, only.  You don’t have to use your full name.  If you’re shy, just use your first name. You can even make up a name for yourself.
  • Approved.  If you leave a comment and I approve it, you can leave future comments without my approval.  I only have to approve the first one.
  • Closed on Sundays.  I’m off-line on Sundays.  We’re a technology free family on Sundays.  If you leave a comment on Sunday, it will be approved Monday morning.
  • No spam.  Your email address won’t be shared with anyone.  I promise.

Comment Policy

Thank you for commenting.  If you’d like to contact me, please check here or email me at:  Sara@GoGingham dot com.

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  1. Sign up for a Gravatar (Gravatar is globally recognized avatar) and your picture with links will show up when you leave a comment here.
  2. Activate the WordPress plug-in “JetPack” on your WordPress site and you’ll have hover cards.  When your mouse rolls over a picture, the links show.
  3. Comment Luv – is a WordPress plug-in that you can install on your site and when WordPress bloggers leave comments, their last published post will show below their names.  You’ll need an account (it’s free) at Comment Luv to get it set-up.

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4 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Weird how I have been wandering all over your site, but stopped to comment here! I like you policies, and I think it’s wise. I almost want to have a typo, so I can come back and see your changes! Magic.


    1. That is strange! Mostly I catch the typos before people email to me ask me to correct their typos but sometimes not…it all depends on how awake/alert I am! Thanks for leaving a comment.


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