Frugal Living with Style Talk

Hi everyone…just a quick reminder that I’m speaking this Saturday, July 26th, 2012 at the Kenton branch of the much loved Multnomah County Library system. My talk begins at 3pm and it’s free!

Stylishly Frugal Living
You’ll learn about Stylishly Frugal Living from me – in person! And, it’s free, too.

Please come and say hello. If the weather is beautiful and sunny in Portland, I know it won’t be a large crowd. Don’t worry – I’m not secretly hoping for rain!

If you’d like me to speak to your group or organization, please check here. I love to share my stylishly frugal ways!

Check the library website here and follow the link to Stylishly Frugal Living, on the home page.

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5 thoughts on “Frugal Living with Style Talk

  1. I wish I lived closer!!!! Would love to hear your talk. You should record it for the rest of us! Looking forward to catching up today if we can swing a skype!


  2. Ruthie and Annie….you are both so sweet!! Yes, I’ll print it (in a book… ;0 but until then here!) and I just got a book from the library on how to do a pod cast so I can “talk” and others can listen. Thank you both!!


    1. I offered! Our library system has speakers regularly and I submitted a proposal. It was great to support our libraries because we use them for almost all of our entertainment. Thanks, Sue.


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