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Never Spill Your Wine Again at a Picnic

Never spill your wine again

Living in Portland (Oregon), we are fortunate in that our city’s park system puts on free concerts in the evening throughout the summer. I love to put together a great picnic dinner, grab a bottle of wine, and head up to the park near our house for a relaxing evening. These concerts give us a chance to meet up with friends, listen to music, and relax while trying to beat my daughter at cards for the evening. Outdoor concerts mean it’s summer time in Portland!

Never spill your wine again
Outdoor concerts are always a big hit with Portlanders – especially since these are free!

There seemed to be a reoccurring theme with our picnics: spills. Spilling red wine is always wasteful and there’s nothing worse than spilling it on a cute picnic blanket! After a few tragic spills of my wine onto the picnic blanket or grass, I figured there must be a better way. (Yes, my briefcase for BlogHer Food came with us to the concert. A wine bottle fits in it quite nicely.)

Go Gingham: Never spill your wine again
Remember my re-purposed briefcase for BlogHer Food? It’s just right for carrying a wine bottle, too.

First, I tried setting the glass in the heel of a shoe (shoes are invariably off at these events) but alas, it still got bumped or kicked over. Between kids coming and going from our picnic spot or the other concert attendees, there were regularly spills. Then in the kitchen at home, I had a moment of revelation.

Go Gingahm: Never spill your wine again

Why not use a small jelly jar, with a lid, as our picnic and traveling wine glasses?

Just fill it up, take a sip, then put the lid on – no more spills! I love easy solutions that involve using items I already have. It’s very Go Gingham!!

What are your picnic-packing-tips? How do you keep drinks from spilling?

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14 thoughts on “Never Spill Your Wine Again at a Picnic

    1. Yes, there’s always that! Thanks, Erin! I’ve always loved your sense of humor and urgency 🙂


  1. A friend of mine had a similar idea but she puts frozen margaritas in jelly jars and freezes them. When you get to your picnic they are just melty enough but still cold and ready to enjoy!


    1. Oh, I like that idea, too! I’m afraid I’d never have the margaritas ready to put in the freezer ahead of time. Thanks, Petra!!


    1. Hi Samantha! Thanks for stopping by and you are welcome…always happy to share an idea that’s easy, inexpensive and keeps us having fun!


  2. Love using ball jars for ideas like these. Happen to currently drink wine out of Bonne Maman jars because we don’t have wine glasses. 🙂


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