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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

I love this time of year for all of the fresh vegetables in my garden as well as what’s growing in our neighborhood. My neighbors, who have too much fruit and vegetable to handle, like to put out boxes, bags or buckets of what’s extra and share. During the past 2 weeks, I’ve processed 10 gallons of apples! Apple pie, apple cake, apple sauce and sliced frozen apples are plentiful around here. Of course our backyard chickens are happy, too. They get all of the worm spots and rotten apples. They don’t get any pie or cake. That’s all being eaten by my family. Well, I’m helping with that, too.

Weekly Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Monday,  July 30th, 2012 to Sunday, August, 5th, 2012.

Monday: fish, brown rice, and green beans (from the garden!)

Tuesday: picnic chicken sandwiches

Wednesday: black beans (from freezer) and avocado burritos with fresh salsa (we ran out of cheese so went with the avocado option instead!)

Thursday: Asian greens and pork stir fry

Friday: European style sandwich – baguette with sliced tomatoes, arugula, onions, homemade pickles

Saturday: summer dinner pasta salad that we shared at our neighborhood block party!

Sunday: eggs with vegetables – all from the back yard

My daughter made the delicious sandwich on Friday night. With a fresh baguette sliced long-wise, she added all sorts of fresh vegetables and finished it with a drizzle of olive oil. It was supposed to have boiled egg slices but those all got eaten before dinner. My son made the eggs on Sunday. We picked and chopped up all the greens from our garden and sautéed them with onions and garlic, in a cast iron skillet. With a few shakes of Tabasco, it was stove-top strata. Usually, this dish gets finished in the oven but it was too hot to turn on our oven.

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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Disclosure: Chobani Yogurt sent me a box of yogurt to try recently. It’s really good and creamy and I have no idea how it’s fat free! Thanks, Chobani!

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