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Weekly Meal Plan

Gone fishing

I planned to catch Saturday night’s meal and cook it for dinner. That was my plan but fishing didn’t go according to plan and after 9 hours of casting and cursing at those trout, I had nothing to show for it. Wait, I take that back – I had sore muscles that hung around a lot longer than the dinner did! I tried many different lures, baits, and ideas. I even tried standing in the cold lake water because I thought getting my bait closer to the fish might help. This strategy did not work for me either.

The angler fishing next to us took pity on me and gave us 3 of his trout so we wouldn’t go hungry. Don’t you just love fisherman? I still had to clean them myself.

Trout for dinnerWe fished at Three Creeks Lake, which is 17 miles south of Sisters, Oregon. It still had snow on the peaks.

Weekly Meal Plan

We did take a break from fishing and hike to the smaller lakes near our fishing spot.

Hiking near Sisters, Oregon

The weather was very hot during the day but cooled off nicely at night.

Three creeks lake, little creek

We camped along the Metolius river that runs though Camp Sherman, near Sisters, Oregon. It’s absolutely beautiful – but the river is freezing cold.

Head of the Metolius river

The Metolius river is great for fly fishing. The only fishing allowed there is “catch and release” but I’m more of a “catch and cook” type of angler so we didn’t fish here.

Metolius river, near Sisters, Oregon

Camp Sherman has several campgrounds and it’s breathtaking. They also have cottages to rent, in case camping isn’t for you.

Our campsite served great coffee!

Coffee at campsite

Weekly Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Monday, August 6, 2012 to Sunday, August 12, 2012.

Monday: white beans (from freezer), greens (from garden) ground pork, bacon, onion and garlic – a menagerie of what was around the freezer and garden!

Tuesday: picnic chicken sandwiches with arugula and tomatoes

Wednesday: corn salad with pinto beans

Thursday: dumplings, green beans (from garden) and brown rice

Friday: campsite (we had homemade baked beans that my husband made – even cold they were delicious!) and sausages on the grill.

Saturday: campsite – grilled fresh trout

Sunday: pinto beans (from freezer) and cheese burritos with fresh salsa (tomatoes from garden)

My daughter cooked the dinner on Thursday of dumplings, green beans, and brown rice. The green beans were so fresh and good – she sauteed them in a very hot cast iron skillet with just a little bit of oil in the pan and seasoned them with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Vegetables taste so good when they’re fresh like that! We had a dumpling making day recently and made a bunch of dumplings and froze lots, too, so it was quick cooking from the freezer! My son made dinner on Sunday, after we had a weekend away. Our garden finally is giving us ripe tomatoes (Sun-Gold cherry tomato variety) and the salsa was extra good as a result. Tomatoes sliced in half with fresh cilantro, onion, and lemon juice – it’s heavenly and a super easy “salad” for burrito night!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan

  1. That is so cool the fisherman gave you some fish, what a nice person! I cannot wait to go camping, although I have to wait until September. I love making some dishes at home and taking them as well. So thank you for the great ideas!


    1. Fabiola, you are so welcome! It was so nice of him and the fish was excellent – fresh and grilled. September is a fine month to camp! Have a great time. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. We just returned from our third camping trip this summer. Lots of fun; the upper peninsula of Michigan is gorgeous (the fishing wasn’t so great for my husband and kids–but they had fun). Looking at your beautiful pictures made me think of how much fun camping can be. Thanks for posting them.


    1. Kris, I’m sure that’s pretty county up there! I’ve never been but would love to travel there sometime – and fish and camp, too. Camping can be fun with a nice soft bed roll 😉 Thanks!


  3. I followed the link to camp supplies. Comments are closed, but I’m wondering if you make Cowboy Coffee. Also — how does it work to make popcorn in that itty bitty camping skillet???


    1. Miggie, what is cowboy coffee? Is it what I’m drinking in that coffee percolator up there? If so, then I’m drinking Cowboy Coffee! That’s an old percolator pot that we bring camping. I picked it up at Value Village and it has a metal filter. It makes pretty good coffee, too. It’s a total pain to clean so we just rinse it at the campsite and give it a good scrub down at home.
      The popcorn turns out really well in the camp skillet. You have to add a little bit of butter to the pan so it doesn’t stick and not over load it with kernels – that’s always a problem. We usually make more than one batch but what else do you do at the campsite??? 😉


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