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Valentine’s Day Decorations

Go Gingham: Valentine's Day Love Note

Valentine’s Day decorations are out at my house earlier than any other holiday mostly because I use the small, red lights from Christmas as part of the Valentine’s Day decorations. I just leave the red lights out and add a few Valentine’s Day decorations to those. Honestly, this is the only way I can get my husband on board with taking the decorations and tree from Christmas down is if I promise to drag out the Valentine’s Day items right then!

Go Gingham: Valentine's Day no-sew goodie bag
No-sew goodie bag: a square of gingham fabric tied with a ribbon with chocolate inside.

This works because I’m ready for the Christmas décor to disappear (it’s been out since Thanksgiving) and he’s ready for the next holiday. Luckily, the switch out is easy because my Valentine’s Day decorations are simple and take minutes to transform our home from Christmas and winter to cozy and hearts – and gingham!

Valentine’s Day Decorations

  • Red lights
  • Table throws
  • Fabric bags
  • Homemade cards
  • Sweetheart’s dinner

Red lights: placed on the dining room china cabinet, these warm the room and give it a glow that makes even my teenagers think about writing me a love-y, dove-y card!

Valentine's Day Red Lights

Table throws: think hearts and gingham here! Can I just say that red and white gingham is the most versatile fabric? It can be mixed with hearts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and any of the U.S. patriotic holidays. My “fabric” is actually a Ralph Lauren king size sheet I found on the sale table at Marshall’s (or was it TJ Max?). Sheets are a great way to get lots of fabric for not much cost. Check the sale table and get a sheet for decorating, wrapping gifts or….

Go Gingham: Valentine's Day table throw

Fabric bags: to fill with chocolate or whatever little treats your sweethearts enjoy. These bags are simply rectangles of fabric that I folded in half (right sides together) and sewed. Cut with pinking shears, they can be left with the seams out. Are you a non-sewer? Just cut a square big enough to place treats in and gather up the sides and tie with a ribbon.

Love of Valentine's Day
Gift bags: seams on the inside and seams on the outside. Pinking shears look super-sweet here.

Homemade cards: I know that Hallmark wants us to buy Valentine’s Day cards but these are simply folded card stock paper with punched hearts. Stamping is too fussy for me (my hand moves or something always gets smudged) so I printed the greetings and cut them.

Here’s a PDF for your cards: Valentine’s Day Card

Go Gingham: Homemade Valentine's Day card
Valentine’s Day cards that are heart punches and printed, not stamped.

Sweetheart’s dinner: beets are the best to serve on Valentine’s Day. Whether you make beet salad as a side dish or roast the beets and process them with a little olive oil and Parmesan cheese to serve over pasta, either dish is a gorgeous color – pink!

Go Gingham: Beets and whlole wheat pasta
Roasted beets with whole wheat pasta: hearty, healthy, and colorful.

That’s it! An easy Valentine’s Day routine that says “I love you” to my family and is easy and will be repeated again next year.

What’s your Valentine’s Day decorating routine?

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  1. How do you make roasted beets? I love pickled beets and make soup from those, but I have never had roasted beets.


    1. Hi Sue,
      Easy on the roasted beets. Scrub or rinse outside. Place in Pyrex or other heavy duty dish with lid. Cut big ones if necessary (I skip this because I’m lazy) so the beets are all about same size. Place in oven 375 or so oven (lower takes longer) until fork goes in easily. Peel after baking by adding water to beet dish. Just rub skins until they come off. Cut/dice and eat them or make salad or process in food processor with olive oil and salt/pepper. Enjoy!


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