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Easter Go Gingham Style

Happy Easter from Go Gingham

I am always so ready for Easter! To me, it signifies a rebirth and a springing back to life that we all need after winter. All around us, birds are chirping, trees are bursting, and spring flowers blooming. Thankfully, too, our backyard chickens are back to laying which means lots of eggs.

Easter also brings the end of Lent which I’m always ready for! There are so few vices I have left and then I have to give up more?! Thankfully, it’s only 6 weeks.

Easter Go Gingham Style

Easter at my house is gingham (come on – what did you expect?!) and pastel. Little yellow plates from Goodwill and these vintage place-mats given to us by my mother-in-law. I never wash them but just shake them off and store them. I don’t want the paint to rub off.

Vintage Easter
These vintage place-ments are from my mother-in-law. Pretty sure the stains are all my husband’s doing.

Easter baskets were purchase new at Trader Joe’s years ago and I lined them with vintage inspired fabric and gingham. I made the linings removable so they could be washed but I’ve never needed to wash them. Homemade items always make a holiday special. If you’re not a sewer, line baskets with fabric that hasn’t been sewn. Just wash fabric, press it with a hot iron, and cut it with sharp scissors so that it will drape over the edges.

Easter baskets lined
Easter baskets lined with vintage inspired fabric and gingham.

Silver cups filled with these spring-time flowers. These flowers grow like weeds in my yard and I have no idea what they’re called but I love how pretty they look.

Spring flowers

I found these little bags at Goodwill, too. They’re felt and super cute.

Easter decorating Goodwill

But I didn’t like the ties they came with.

Easter bags for candy
These ties are not cute and need to go!

So I cut the ties off and strung ribbon through the holes. Yes, I strung gingham ribbon in those holes. Somebody please stop me!!

Here’s how they look in the Easter baskets.

Easter basket for teens
Please don’t tell my teens what’s in their baskets for Easter!

People always want to know what a “Frugal Mom” gives her kids as gifts so I’ll share what’s in their Easter baskets. (Please don’t spoil the surprise and tell them. They haven’t seen these yet.) For gift giving, I try and balance wants and needs. Here’s what my teens are getting:

  • Junk food (Annie’s mac and cheese isn’t really junk food but it’s white pasta which I don’t buy and my kids both love it!)
  • Tennis balls or leg shaving gel (depending on how you like to spend your time – shaving or playing tennis)
  • Chocolates in the little bags (much like my routine at Valentine’s Day, I buy a bag and then divide up and place in small bags)
  • Toothbrushes (everyone needs a new toothbrush now and then!)

Happy Easter, Happy Passover or Happy Spring! Whatever holiday you celebrate, enjoy and thank you for reading.

How do you like to celebrate spring?

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6 thoughts on “Easter Go Gingham Style

  1. Hi Sara,
    really cute job on the baskets! Isn’t it fun to do these sort of things? I think I get more joy from the making than my kids get from the receiving, sometimes (and I’m not saying that they’re not appreciative, just that I absolutely adore the process of creating something special).

    I didn’t make any of our baskets, but they are special nonetheless. My son’s basket was given to him by my grandmother for his first Easter. And my 2 daughters’ baskets were gifts from my father, the spring that he passed away. We’re a sentimental bunch, here.

    In our kids’ baskets, there’s the obligatory candy, that I buy a couple of weeks after Easter, on clearance, I pack up, double-bag and load into the trunk with the baskets, to save for the next year.

    I usually make one candy item, just because I like to do the making. Some years I use large chocolate molds to make white chocolate bunnies, other years I make bunny and chick peeps (using a very old Martha Stewart recipe), and still others I make fudge eggs. This is the year for fudge eggs. They’re fun to do and I enjoy the process.

    Also, as we’re heading into a financial crunch time for the next 4 years, with university beginning in the fall for both daughters, the “gifts” will be practical items, that I would have to buy anyways.

    And of course, there’s the Easter egg hunt. All 3 of my kids still love the egg hunt, even my son, who is mid-20s! What’s a mom to do? I can’t stop until they tire of it. So, I indulge them a little. 🙂

    Hope you and your family have a lovely Easter, Sara.


    1. Thanks, Lili!
      Your traditions sound lovely. I know what you mean about enjoying the process. It’s all part of the fun. And, sometimes the “have to buy anyway items” are better when they’re gifts.
      Happy Easter to you and your family!


  2. Ooh, fun! There’s just something about bright colors and flowers that cheers me up after a grey winter. We aren’t springlike at all here this year (ya never know what you’re gonna get in Michigan in March, weather-wise) but the kids and I have had fun scattering a few Easter decorations around the house.

    I love your vintage placemats!


    1. Thanks, Kris! Yes, I’m with you on the grey winter. That’s why spring is so refreshing – it’s in contrast to the dark, grey winter.
      Enjoy your spring! I’ll cross my fingers that you’re done with winter….


  3. the easter bunny always brings seedpackets, new gardening gloves and sometimes a watering can or trowel for each of my 2 children. There is always a little candy and an egg hunting of course :). I just recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading the archives. Keep doing what you do! It is inspirational. Happy spring!


    1. Peg, those are lovely, sweet gifts for kids! I’m sure your children are lovely and sweet and will adore gardening and using them.
      I’m so glad you’re reading the archives. Thank you!
      Happy spring to you as well. 🙂


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