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Home Exchange to Victoria, British Columbia

Go Gingham Home Exchange
Our home exchange home was beautiful! We wanted to stay longer.

Our most recent home exchange adventure, over spring break, was to Victoria, British Columbia. It’s an incredibly beautiful and cosmopolitan city for its relatively small size. It’s also very easy to get around the downtown area whether you’re on a bike, walking or driving. We had our car with us on this home swap (as we drove from our house to Victoria) and on the days we did drive into the downtown area, parking spots were plentiful.

Go Gingham Home Swap Victoria

Our home exchange partners, Jack and Brannan, were gracious and welcoming with a “Welcome to Victoria” package for us. Their home was beautiful, centrally located, and minutes from the downtown and inner harbor area as well as the stoic Craigdarroch Castle and Government House Gardens.

Go Gingham Welcome to Victoria
Our hosts had a lovely welcome package for us.

We had bicycles which we used to ride from their home to the Galloping Goose trail. It’s a fun, flat ride that we enjoyed with a picnic lunch.

Go Gingham bike riding
Camera comes out and teens offer to take pictures or they turn away.

Our big splurge was lunch out at “Red Fish, Blue Fish” which is located on the water in the inner harbor. Go off the menu and ask for the fried pickles. You won’t be sorry. Lunch was so tasty and the fish is all sustainably caught. There is outdoor seating along the water and the restaurant kitchen is in an up-cycled cargo container.

Go Gingham Upcycled restaurant
The restaurant was built from an upcycled storage container.

It seems to always happen on our home exchanges that some item accidentally gets broken. Honestly, I wish I could tell you that my kids are responsible for breaking the most items but usually it’s me! I ended up breaking not 1, but 2 glasses. From now on, I’m allowed only “sturdy” glassware and not fancy wine glasses or otherwise.

Victoria British Columbia

It was a beautiful week of weather in Victoria and I can’t say enough about the natural beauty surrounding the city or the ease with which we got around. The only downside of the trip? Our car had to be pushed off the ferry. The starter broke while we were there but luckily it’s a stick-shift and we were able to “pop the clutch” and head home!

 Did you travel anywhere for spring break? Still wish you had a spring break???

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8 thoughts on “Home Exchange to Victoria, British Columbia

    1. We did, Karen, and I’d love to go back and explore “up island” as they say. That’s anything north of Victoria. The ferry ride was beautiful – the part I stayed awake for! 🙂


    1. It really is, Martha. I was a concerned that the weather would be more winter like since it’s north of us but it was just lovely.
      Thanks, Martha!


  1. I thought you had forgotten to blog about your trip–always fun for armchair travelers like me! What a fun destination.


    1. Kris, I had so many pictures to sort through! We had a really great time and my kids would say they LOVED having cable TV, too! If forgot to mention that little fact. 🙂


  2. Ah yes, the rare times we go to a hotel, my kids are amazed that more than 5 channels exist.


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