Go Gingham TV Show

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show

Remember when the Yahoo Finance crew was here and they filmed a segment? Ever since then, I’ve been trying to get a film crew back at my house. I need a TV show, don’t I? “The Go Gingham TV Show” would be fine by me. I’ve been talking about it to everyone I know and finally got someone to say, “Okay, let’s make this happen.”

When I was growing up, I never liked hearing the word, “No” to anything. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. I’m a firm believer in the squeaky wheel getting the grease and that if you say things often enough, people will eventually do them.

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Say cheese – Greg and Joel and all their cameras in my little kitchen!

I applied this same logic to friends Greg Schmitt and Joel Stirnkorb. You see, Greg and Joel own a company called Gearhead Grip and Electric. They film things, have equipment, and are willing to take chances on fresh ideas.

When you put Greg, Joel and their skills together with my business partner/husband, and mix in this blog, big ideas, content, and dreams –

“The Go Gingham TV Show!”

We filmed 4-segments and you can see them on the “Go Gingham YouTube Channel” very soon. We’re also packaging them together as a pilot to pitch to (insert some ideas here!).  That’s my next job – find a company or network or who knows who would be willing to fund our project. Wish me luck!

Here are some behind the scenes shots…

The first day of filming was in the kitchen – which is very small!

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show

We had a sound mixer, Anna, who could hear everything that was said inside the house and out. Darn those noisy backyard chickens and their need to announce that there’s a fresh egg in the hen house!

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Anna has eagle ears! Well, maybe it was that I was wearing a microphone.

There was a hair and make-up person, too. My dear friend, Robin Schmitt, came out of retirement (she’s a make-up and hair gal) to help me! For the record, she said I had done a good job on my make-up and hair before she showed up. BAM!

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Robin working her magic on me!

Robin brought her friend and neighbor, Monica. I wanted to keep Monica around for a day or so to help me cull through my closet (plus she’s cute and perky – who doesn’t like cute and perky?). She knew what looked good on camera and what would make the screen jump around. I was totally impressed that she brought her own portable steamer!

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Monica is too cute with her personal steamer!

Then, there was Kyle who had the board that was like a crocodile snapping when he announced what scene and take we were on. I won’t tell you how old he is but just know that he is so young, we had to explain to him who Bo Derek was!

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Kyle was snappy – with his little sign that he kept snapping about!

Next was Matt who would magically appear in a second when some equipment needed adjusting – or we had to get into the kitchen pantry – or pretty much move more than 2 inches one way or the other.

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Matt magically appeared whenever something needed moving or adjusting.

He also made all of this happen outside of the dining room window in the rain –

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Outside the dining room window – my neighbors were probably all wondering what was going on!

The second day of filming brought a new sound mixer, Brian, who hid out in a little “sound mixer cave” in the living room.

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Brian’s sound mixer cave in the living room. He was in charge of the teleprompter, too.

Brian brought my new favorite thing in the world – a teleprompter! I have decided that a teleprompter might be good for parents of teenagers, too. No more repeating ourselves and getting called on it! We could also share parenting speeches and then – okay, I’ll stop now but you know I might be onto something here.

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Joel and Greg getting ready to tell me what to do! I loved it!

I loved not having to remember what I was supposed to say when I heard the word, “Action!”

The second day of filming was in the dining room so the living room furniture had to be moved around.

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
Notice the quilt on my lap? I was cold and the heat was too noisy to have turned on.

The stash of stuff that was hidden underneath the living room sofa got a temporary home in the office. Yes, my Christmas cards are still hanging around. It’s hard for me to get rid of them and the holidays are 6-months behind us.

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
The “Lincoln Bedroom” – the office – became the catch all spot during filming.

After everyone left, I put on my pajamas and took a nap. I loved every minute of it but I was exhausted. Taking over the world with stylish frugality can wear a girl out!

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living TV Show
You can’t tell but that’s a second-hand gingham shirt I’m wearing – of course it is!

Thank you to everyone who is making this possible – especially my awesome readers who come to Go Gingham every day! I appreciate you reading and sharing the goodness of living well on less.

Would you like a teleprompter to remind you what to say?

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    1. Hi Ruthie,
      Well, first the videos will be on my YouTube channel and then we’ll see where they show up next! It’s exciting how much TV has changed and there’s no typical path any longer. I’m excited to see the videos myself and so thankful that professionals are producing them! Thanks, Ruthie!


  1. What great news – I am so impressed with you, my friend! You really make things happen!!! You DO deserve to have your own TV show! This is going to be big, Big, BIG!!!!


  2. Sara – I think your stylishly frugal ideas would make a great TV show. We don’t know anyone at HGTV, darn it, but if you need a letter of recommendation or introductory email to anyone in local TV (with whom you haven’t already worked, you popular gal), Terry or I would be happy to help, through whatever contacts we have.


  3. I started reading this yesterday, but I got interrupted–so I couldn’t say, Wow! You are far more brave than me. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done. Looks like a very big undertaking.


    1. Rita, I can’t wait to see them either! They’re getting worked on right now – 🙂 It’s all very exciting especially because I have no idea where this might lead! Your news is very exciting, also! Congratulations.


  4. Awesome! I am sure you have heard of kickstarter but it might be a good way to get some funding.


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