Happy Three Year Anniversary Go Gingham

Go Gingham Anniversary

Yes, today is the day that three-years ago I pressed “publish” for the first time. With 522 published posts and no thoughts of slowing down, I thought I’d share a few insights of what keeps me going and what’s been exciting this year.

On being passionate…

Sharing what I love and am passionate about – that living well on less can be achieved by every day people like me. I’m not an expert – certified financial planner, a dietician or culinary chef or anything else really – but together with my husband, we’re living on less money, keeping ourselves healthy through diet and exercise, and trying to be thoughtful about the environment.

One thing I did realize this year is that I’m not passionate about coupons, deals, and steals. This is a sub-domain of Go Gingham that I thought would generate some income. (Many couponing sites are income generators.) The problem is, I’m not excited about coupons or encouraging the “spend to save mentality” that is associated with extreme couponing and stock-piling. After a short time of trying to update this site, I decided that I should focus on what I’m good at and leave the coupons and deals to others.

That’s not to say there aren’t a few good deals around and when I find one, I’ll share it. You’ll see a few coupons, deals, steals posted here more often – especially on items that are good for you, good for the environment, and good for your pocketbook.

I have also enjoyed more speaking engagements this year – and mostly at libraries. Libraries have a need for speakers and I’m happy to fill that need. If you’d like to have me speak to your group, organization, or at your conference, check my professional site. What topics do I cover? Check my services page.

Fall flowers

On being authentic…

While seated at a conference recently, I asked a server if they would please bring me a big pitcher of water. The server clarified – bottled? with lemon? with ice cubes? Nope. Just plain old tap water. My friend, Cathy, who was seated next to me leaned over and said, “Wow, you really are your brand.” Yep. Simple, healthy, and less expensive.

When my husband and I were at a wine tasting, someone who was there asked if we really eat all of the meals that we have planned and listed on the meal planning posts. The answer is a resounding yes, we do! While I used to miss going out to dinner at fancy restaurants, now when I’m on a business trip or at a conference, the fancy meal I eat tastes good but is usually too rich (from too much butter, too much oil, and too much salt) for my simple system. I much prefer to eat the food we’ve prepared at home – BUT – I prefer someone else to do the dishes.

Flower in handOn being professional…

While this site is technically a “blog” (meaning, dynamically changing content that is updated chronologically), to me, it’s more of an on-line resource or website of tips, tricks, and techniques to live well on less – money, resources, and time. Go Gingham is my primary method of spreading the message about frugal living with style.

It is also a way for me to work with brands or companies whose values align with mine and for me to share those experiences with you. I hope this coming year will bring more of these experiences and I look forward to sharing them.

Working with and learning about different companies and brands is what helps me see what others are passionate and authentic about. Meeting people in real life (IRL) is another way to share my message.

But most of all…

Hands down, the on-line community here and that means, you, dear reader! I enjoy and savor every comment I receive and every email that someone sends me. Especially sweet is when I meet someone who says, “Oh, I’m a big fan of Go Gingham!” And then I get to hear a story about meal planning or saving money or gardening or a DIY project that’s being tackled. Yay! Go Gingham! Virtual hugs all around!

From the bottom of my heart (that is most likely slip-covered in gingham!), I thank you very much.

Now, onto who won the tickets to see Christopher Kimball! The winner of the giveaway for the tickets is: Laura – with comment # 11!

Congratulations, Laura! What’s Laura’s favorite cookbook? “ATK’s Family Cookbook. It has beautiful photos and literally fool-proof!” writes Laura. Look for an email soon, Laura. Thanks to everyone who entered.

What are you celebrating How do you like to celebrate?

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Disclosure: I received 2 tickets to Christopher Kimball’s talk in exchange for giving 2 tickets away. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s guidelines.

9 thoughts on “Happy Three Year Anniversary Go Gingham

  1. I hardly ever eat out nowadays, for the same reasons you mention, and when I do I find that most dishes are too salty or too sweet. And later my tongue feels coated.
    Congrats on your 3-year blogiversary! You are the Frugal Queen!


  2. My family rarely eats out, as well. I will replicate meals sometimes from the meals we do have; they are much easier on my digestive system.

    Congratulations on three years. I am hoping for many more.


    1. Karen, thank you! I’m hoping for many more as well. 🙂
      It is so true – food cooked at home is much easier on all of our digestive systems – and dare I say – waistlines! I like being in charge of my serving size, too.
      There is something that feels really good about remaking a recipe that you’ve eaten at a restaurant and then replicated at home. Well done!!


  3. Congrats! I appreciate that you aren’t an “extreme-coupon queen” as I have found that most coupons don’t meet my needs and we live more frugally and healthfully by cooking and eating real food (as opposed to processed food). We don’t eat out very often, and when we do, we try to eat at restaurants which feature food we are unlikely to cook ourselves. It’s fun to learn new frugal things and I thank you for being one of my sources.


    1. Kris, I love this…
      “We live more frugally and healthfully by cooking and eating real food (as opposed to processed food).”
      It is absolutely true – and I agree about eating out. My favorite meal to eat out is sushi – something I don’t make at home.
      Thank you for your nice compliments, too. 🙂


  4. Congratulations, Sara! I’m so glad you’re still sharing all your wisdom in this space. Thanks to you, we’re planning meals and have a paperless kitchen. Soon, I’m going to tackle that soap project! 🙂


    1. Rita, thank you. I know you know it takes effort – behind the scenes – before a post magically appears on the world wide web!
      I’m so glad to have helped. Every day is a new day for me to use less – and reuse or mend. That’s my attitude and I love sharing it.
      Thanks for being such a great contributor here! 🙂


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