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Thanksgiving and Harvest Decorations

Thanksgiving Decorations from Go Gingham

My favorite type of decorations are those that can be eaten. Gourds, squashes, and pumpkins – all good for you vegetables – can be placed on a table, in a bowl or on the mantel for decorating. Then, you can roast them and eat them after you’ve enjoyed them for Thanksgiving and harvest decorating. By using leaves, branches or twigs gathered from walks, your home will look lovely and you can compost those items when you’re ready for the next season.

Finding leaves that have rich colors and lots of details is what I keep my eyes peeled for. To get leaves to dry flat, place them in between sheets of wax paper and then set your leaf collection under a big book. Leave them for a week or longer – until they dry out completely and are nice and flat. If you don’t let them dry flat, your leaves will curl.

Thanksgiving with Go Gingham

This was an especially good year for me when I placed these beauties in the bowl.

Thanksgiving Decorations from Go Gingham

We grew all of these gourds and squashes from seeds that were saved from last year’s decorations – and meals.

Thanksgiving Decorations from Go Gingham

If you want to grow your own vegetables for decorating with next year, buy seeds that are open-pollinated and not hybrids. It should say on the seed packet.

Thanksgiving Decorations from Go Gingham
These gourds are decorative only and can’t be eaten.

If you want to buy fully grown squash or gourds and save their seeds, try and buy organic ones. My experience in saving seeds is that organic vegetables work better.

Celebrating Simply
A pretty Thanksgiving place setting – simple decorating that can later be eaten or composted.

Make sure to label the seeds – or you’ll get a little surprise in the garden. Happy decorating!

How do you like to decorate with nature? What’s your favorite harvest decoration?

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Harvest Decorations

  1. One year one of my friends received several gift boxes of hazelnuts, and she passed one on to me. I spill the nuts down the center of the table over a pretty tablecloth, and nestle votive candles throughout. Instantly pretty! And it leaves enough room for the food dishes on the table. After the meal, I scoop the nuts back into their box and put it away in the cool basement for next year.


    1. Michelle, this is a lovely idea! Hazelnuts shells are really pretty (I really only like the shells – and hazelnuts in Nutella but that’s another story). They’re also low to the table so you can see your dinner guests, too.
      Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I saw some acorns last week on a walk and think I may go pick some and do this same thing. 🙂


  2. Love! Right now on my front porch, sandwiched between potted plants from summer, a few mums, and jack-o-lanterns are squashes! My hubby loves to buy bagfuls cheaply at the farm market and accuses me of appropriating them for decorating. Well, otherwise they’d sit in the garage, right??? And they do get eaten eventually.


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