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Dinner Group Gathering

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

Whenever we plan to host an event in our backyard, we’re not sure if the weather is going to agree. But we were fortunate this time for our dinner group gathering. It was just warm enough at dinner that no one was shivering and by the time dessert was served, the fire was warm and toasty.

Here’s how our gourmet, pot-luck, dinner group works. We have 4-couples in our group and the hosting couple is responsible for making the entrée and choosing the main course, which sets the menu or “theme” for the evening. After choosing the main part of the meal, the host assigns the following dishes to the 3 other couples:

  • appetizer
  • salad
  • dessert

Sometimes the hosting couple will chose recipes for everyone to follow which forces us all to try a new recipe or perhaps make one up. Either way, it’s delicious and everyone in our group is a food-lover so it’s always a tasty – and fun! – evening.

Dinner Group Gathering – menu:

Here’s what we had to dine on at our dinner group gathering…

  • appetizer: deviled eggs and pickled carrots
  • main dish: barbequed ribs
  • side: potato salad
  • side: corn bread
  • dessert: strawberry meringue

When everyone arrived, we had drinks that we served off of the wall in our backyard.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

We kept the drinks cool by sticking them in a metal tub and adding ice. I also had another tub for all of the empty bottles. It was our recycling container!

Dinner Group with Go Gingham
Ice cold beverages – the empties went straight into the recycling bin!

Is it wrong that I had our dinner group do a recipe test for me? We did a recipe test on the potato salad.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham
Is it wrong that I made everyone test these? We had plenty of leftovers!

Dinner was served after the recipe test happened.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

The barbequed ribs were drenched in Brad’s famous sauce, “The Best BBQ Sauce Ever.” He calls all of his recipes the best and they really are but – I’m biased.

Our friend, Robin, had sauce all over her face!

Dinner Group with Go Gingham
My friend Robin showed us how much she enjoyed the sauce – by wearing it!

Then the sun went down and the lights (which were a Goodwill find!) from the tree began to sparkle.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

Dessert was a strawberry meringue and was just the right amount of sweetness and dessert after a hearty meal.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

Socializing and entertaining with good food and good friends – it doesn’t have to cost a lot and it’s always a good time!

What happens when you plan to entertaining outside? Does the weather agree with you?

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6 thoughts on “Dinner Group Gathering

  1. For the last three years some friends and I have had a cook-off each fall. The first year was a mac and cheese off, the second year a dessert off and this year a gluten free-vegan off. It’s such fun to get together with friends over food! Speaking of food, I’d better get my meal plan for the week done! I’ve done it almost every week since we went back to school. It’s working out great b/c I never have to think about what’s for dinner during the week any more!


    1. Erin, the cook off sounds like a lot of fun! Food and friends is always a good combination.
      So glad to hear you’re meal planning. Most people think it’s only for families or a dinner party. Nice work! What’s for dinner tonight? 🙂
      Thanks, Erin!


  2. I like this idea. Now we need to meet for folks in our new (rural) area. We seem to be in-between the ages of most couples we know – either 20-30 years younger or older. 🙂


    1. LuAnn,
      That can sometimes be the best because it’s different from you – and you can both gain by learning from one another and your perspectives. While our dinner group is around the same age range, I appreciate older people’s experience and their perspective (usually more mellow than mine!)and younger folks because they remind me that I’m still young – at heart.
      Either way, we feel contacted to our neighbors who are our friends and I bet in a new, rural setting you might feel this same way.
      I can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂 Keep me posted…


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