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6 Essential Items for Air Travel

6 essential items for airplane travel
Yes, that’s a gingham cover on my pillow. You know I love gingham, right?

When I’m traveling on an airplane, these items are definitely with me. You won’t be sorry on your next trip if you round up these 6 essential items for air travel.

  1. Neck pillow: Why drool on your neighbor or get a sore neck when you can bring a neck pillow along? If you’re short on space, find a blow-up one and deflate it when you land. Mine has a gingham cover that can be removed for washing. Of course it does. Check Marshall’s – they had some great prices on these when I was last there.
  2. Eye mask: Want to really sleep on the airplane? Use an eye mask. You’ll think it’s the middle of night when you put it on and you’ll be rested upon arrival.
  3. Ear plugs: How many times have you been woken up by this: “This is your captain speaking…” Ear plugs are so easy to pack and even easier to place in your ears before take off – and before you fall asleep. If you’re sleeping in a loud city, these will come in handy.
  4. Pashmina: Wrap, shawl, scarf, wearable blanket – whatever you call it – bring it along. With airlines cutting costs, there are fewer blankets available for those of us squished together in economy class. Bring a wrap and don’t freeze when the air is on. Mine is a souvenir from a home swap trip to central Europe. It’s cashmere and was $10. If only I’d bought 20 of them!
  5. Food: If you’re flying domestically, you know you’re going to go hungry on the flight. Make a sandwich and skip the food – and the costs – of eating at the airport or on the airplane.
  6. Water bottle: Make sure it’s empty before going through security, but a water container comes in handy when you need to drink and don’t want to buy another plastic bottle of plain old water. More airports have water bottle filling stations, too. Saving money and saving the earth? That’s my favorite kind of savings!
Water glass and food for travel
My sandwich and drinking cup in the food court at the airport.

Happy travels to you!

What’s on your list to bring along with you while traveling?

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4 thoughts on “6 Essential Items for Air Travel

  1. Music!! Gotta have my iPod to tune everybody and everything out. Of course this is when you are flying alone. Josh Groban is my go to guy with 37 songs on my iPod, I’m nearly at my destination when the playlist is done. Also I pack travel size liquor bottles. You never know when you’re going to need a drink to put things into perspective.


  2. Thanks for the link, there, m’am. I believe the most critical element of the airplane survival packet, the BOOK, is missing from your backpack. I prefer to have a paper book for take-offs and landings AND my Kindle, actually, b/c what happens if you get hijacked and have to spend like 13 hours on the tarmac? One book isn’t going to do it! Of course the Kindle battery is probably going to die, too. You’d better hope there’s a librarian on board to organize a book swap!


    1. You are so right! The book goes without saying. 🙂
      My rule is: paperback. I’m not a digital reader and always round up a good old paperback before we head off.
      Good catch!! Thanks, Erin.


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