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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Home Cook

Need a few last minute holiday gift ideas for the home cook in your life? Here are 5 of my favorite items to have in my kitchen and why…

Holiday gifts for home cook from Go Gingham
Mortar and pestle – easy to use every day.

1. One Tablespoon size ice cream scoop – Because I have a small kitchen, I need my gadgets to do double-duty. My ice cream scoop gets used for adding a dollop of ice cream or frozen fruit sorbet to a dessert, to scoop cookie dough onto a baking sheet or dig into a melon. It’s easy to clean and makes a nice gift either wrapped with a kitchen towel or simply add a ribbon.

Holiday gifts for home cook from Go Gingham
One Tablespoon ice cream scoop can multi-task in the kitchen.

2. Mortar and pestle – Yes, a little heavy to put into a box and ship but a mortar and pestle is a kitchen gadget that I use almost every day. (Don’t know how to use one? Follow these easy instructions.) With a garlic clove or two and 1-teaspoon of Kosher salt, you have the start of salad dressing, marinade or sauce. With a minute of mashing, the garlic is transformed into a paste that can add major flavor to any dish without adding fat, sugar or in most cases, additional salt.

3. Whisk – Every home cook needs a whisk – it’s essential for making egg dishes for a holiday brunch or for a quick scramble on the weekend. It’s also an easy way to mix dry ingredients together for making a batch of chocolate chip cookies or homemade granola. Whisks aren’t just for wet ingredients.

4. Cast iron skillet – Virtually indestructible and inexpensive – cast iron is a wonderful gift because it can be used for generations. Once seasoned (Don’t know how to season a cast iron skillet? Follow these easy instructions.), they’re easy to maintain, retain heat, and easily go from stove top to oven.

Holiday gifts for home cook from Go Gingham
Cast iron can take the heat in any kitchen!

5. Gingham tablecloth – (Really – are you surprised? You know this site is called Go Gingham, right?) Yes, I do love gingham but it is so versatile, cheerful, modern, and yet old fashioned. Red and white gingham works with Christmas themed decorations but it can also be used for a picnic in the summer, camping  or at Valentine’s Day. A small gingham tablecloth can be used as a pretty layering piece over a plain white tablecloth to add interest. Near a fabric store? A simple square of gingham fabric can fill in if you can’t find a pre-made tablecloth. Use very sharp scissors to trim the edges and you won’t even have to sew them.

What’s your favorite kitchen item? What do you like to give a home cook?

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4 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Home Cook

  1. Great ideas (as usual!), Sara! I especially like the gingham tablecloth suggestion :). Hope your holidays are peaceful.


  2. Great idea! I gave a homemade loaf of bread wrapped in a tea towel and tied with twine to a cutting board once as a housewarming gift–my friend loved the tea towel so much that she attached it to a dowel and hung it in her kitchen. It’s fun when you hit on a great gift idea for someone.


    1. Kris, that sounds like a lovely gift! You are so right – you never know when you’ll knock it out of the ballpark with a gift. I do enjoy trying! 🙂 Happy holidays to you!


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