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Better Homes and Gardens circa 1947

Better Homes and Gardens from 1947


If you’re following me on Instagram (if you’re not – what are you waiting for?), then you know what the Mister brought home for me – a Better Homes and Gardens magazine from 1947. He found it at the Goodwill Outlet (otherwise known as “The Bins”). The ads are an absolute crack up!

Here are a few choice ones:

Look at these…

DDT ad from BHG 1947
In case the 5% DDT just wasn’t enough! Get in there honey, and just spray away! Easy to use! And Safe!

Or this one….

Family around the radio from BHG 1947
Just like at our house each night!

This is especially disturbing for those of us living in old houses!

Lead paint ad from BHG 1947
Beautiful isn’t it? And luckily it’s Pure! The pure lead is so much better for you.

Don’t forget the running water, electricity, and coal…

Running water from BHG 1947
Yeah, the running water does help. If you don’t have electricity, you’re out of luck. But my guess is, if you don’t have water or electricity, you’re probably not reading this magazine.

Thankfully we’ve evolved and come a long way in the past 66 or so years.

What’s your favorite vintage magazine or periodical?

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2 thoughts on “Better Homes and Gardens circa 1947

  1. I love old magazines. Fun. My mom gave me her old cookbook (they’ve been married over 60 years) and some of the household hints are pretty hilarious.


    1. Kris, they are pretty fun to look at ~ and I love the pictures! The tips can really be hit or miss – either they’re applicable for today (and smart!) or they’re like the ones shown above! 🙂 Thanks, Kris.


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