Home Organization Project 6

Home Organization Weekly Project from Go GingahmWhen my kids were little and played with toys, I felt like the day would never come when they would stop – and we’d no longer step on random Legos or vacuum up Polly Pockets. But, before I knew it, we were in the slow process of giving away toys and games.

What I’ve learned is that even when they say, “I’m too old for this” they’re not quite ready to get it out of the house – forever. If you have space, tuck these items away for 6-12-months. Every once in awhile there are second-thoughts but mostly, after 6-months everyone feels better about passing along their “once favorite” items.

I do have a place for very special toys, books, and games that we’re keeping. They’re stored in a spot, out of the way and we’ve tried to be very picky about what is being kept – so that we’re not saving too much.  There is a fine line between getting rid of things and then saying, “Oh, let’s all play Clue” – but it just got pitched because it hadn’t been played in 3-years.

Go Gingham Home Organization: games and toys
All that’s left of toys and games in the basement play area.

Home Organization Project 6

  1. This week’s project. Games and toys.
  2. Start small. I wanted to keep going but everyone shut me down. We stopped after board games, toys, and remaining dress up clothing/costumes. We sorted through every item. You can imagine how fun that was with teenagers! Hah! We did it not too long ago – which everyone reminded me several times.
  3. Clear and clean. After taking everything off the shelves, I wiped it down. How does stuff get so dirty and dusty when it’s just sitting there?
  4. Get set. I loaded the rejects into the car and gave away the toys to kids on our street who I thought might like them.
  5. Trade out. OK, I used this opportunity to move furniture around. Once I get my husband moving things, I have to strike while the iron’s hot. He finally put a halt to my madness and retreated to the living room (yes, in another pair of holey socks – remember his filing project?) to put his feet up and read.
  6. Stop buying. While I usually get our kids a little gift or something small for Valentine’s Day, this year I made them note cards with their names printed at the top instead. Even teenagers can admit that they don’t need anything – except cards for writing thank you notes.
  7. Less is more. It’s really starting to feel like there’s more breathing room around our house. Stacks are disappearing – although there are plenty left to tackle – but it does feel good.

Go Gingham Home Organization: games and toys

Toys, games, and dress up – done! Everything else around it is a mess – mostly art supplies but that’s getting tackled soon – maybe week 7 or 9? Oh, we sold several coats from week 4’s  project and pocketed $75 – score! The rest of the coats went to a homeless shelter. The coat to be sold on eBay? Still in the entryway. Baby-steps.

How’s your home organizing coming along? Is it getting more organized or like mine – getting messier?

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3 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 6

  1. Sara,
    Just wanted to share that we purchased Blokus at Christmas due to one of your earlier posts about favorite family games. It was a hit with young and old(er)!
    Also wanted to say it is good to donate even games with missing pieces because Goodwill bags up the pieces and someone is able to put them to good use.


  2. Sara
    Another great write up (I enjoyed your last post too “San Diego-travel”). My oldest daughter is a pack rat “…I may need that someday…” Really? So with her off to college now’s my moment (heh…heh…heh…) So I have purged a lot of things she hasn’t seen in about say, uh…. 5 years! But when she came home for the holidays she was actually very happy that her room was so neat and clean (go figure!) She didn’t even ask about the things that I had gotten rid of (out of sight, out of mind.) So, we’re still working on it though. Thank you for your post, I really enjoyed reading it! I look forward to your next one!


  3. Hey Sara,

    It’s fun to hear about all your purging and decluttering projects. I too love how there is more breathing space afterwards. So funny about moving furniture with your husband. Sounds familiar!

    Take care,


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