Where to Recycle Electronics

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Electronics seem like they need to be upgraded before they’re barely out of the box. If you’re looking for ways to keep your electronics out of the landfill and recycle them, check out these organizations and companies. There are several options for recycling – and you can even mail items.

Where to recycle electronics

Free Geek

Living in Portland, Oregon, we’re lucky because we have “Free Geek,” which is a non-profit, community organization that recycles and re-uses donated electronics. They provide computers, education, and job training in exchange for volunteering, as well. Still working electronics can get re-purposed – and put back into working order.


Goodwill accepts various types of electronics. They have relationships with many salvage companies and their donated items don’t end up in landfills. Don’t forget to ask for a tax donation receipt. Check out their recycling services here.

Best Buy

Here’s what Best Buy does…

If there are any old or unused appliances or electronics collecting dust on a shelf or if it’s time to upgrade, bring them in and we’ll evaluate them for trade-in value or recycle them properly.

Best Buy will take almost all electronics and large appliances. Check out their recycling services here.


Here’s what Apple does…

The Apple Recycling Program offers free and environmentally friendly disposal of your iPod and any manufacturer’s mobile phone.

Apple also has links for different states in the U.S. as well as international locations. Check out their recycling services here.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This U.S.E.P.A. government website will direct you based on make and model of your electronic to where it can be dropped off and recycled. Check out their recycling services here.

Sell it – as vintage!

My son sold a Zaurus – think early generation laptop/Palm Pilot type thing – on eBay and it was to a collector of “old” or “vintage” electronics. I’m not advocating keeping stuff around until it becomes an antique but a quick view of Craig’s List or eBay may be worth your time.

While these steps require more work and effort than tossing outdated electronics in the landfill, we all need to do our part to recycle more when buying new. Since electronics have become such a large part of our lives, more states need to step up (like Oregon) and require recycling.

Where do you recycle electronics? Does your state require recycling or offer drop-off sites?

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4 thoughts on “Where to Recycle Electronics

  1. We have used both Goodwill and Best Buy. It’s good of you to get the word out there!

    Each community probably has good donation options for non-electronics, as well. When we upgraded our mattress/box springs a few years ago, we donated our old one to a local ecumenical service called Love INC and the woman who took it told us the mattress would be used immediately. It was 20 years old and, to me, not very comfortable, but there are people out there in need of basic home items who are grateful for clean, well-kept used items.


    1. Thanks, Kris! I know we all have to do our part and if I can keep items out of the landfill – I definitely make the effort.
      And, you’re right…a good place for items like mattresses are spots that help those in need. Thanks for doing that. 🙂


  2. Sara, thank you for being so concise!

    We recyled a few things through a local company that collected items by a subscription pick-up service. Unfortunately, they could not attract enough subscribers. The things we gave went toward a donation to my city’s first Honor Flight. These flights are from all over the US, to get World War 11 veterans to Washington, D.C. to view their memorial.

    I will be working on getting things out of my electronics graveyard in early spring. Again, thank you!


    1. Karen,
      I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to this but eventually I do!
      How thoughtful of you and generous to support such a wonderful cause. Every veteran should see that memorial and I appreciate you thinking of others.
      I like your style, Karen.
      You are so welcome!! Thank YOU for being such an avid reader here and commenter. 🙂


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