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Holiday Dinner Group Gathering

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham

Here’s an easy formula for frugal living and entertaining – dinner group. Good food + good friends = dinner group. It’s always good fun – and doesn’t break any budgets!

Rotate hosts, rotate homes, and rotate who’s bringing what and you’ve got dinner group. Find some friends – 8 people is a good number – and assign who’s bringing what. It couldn’t be easier to have a pot-luck dinner party!

We begin with appetizers.

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham
A simple yet tasty appetizer that got devoured in no time!

Next assignment – bring a green salad.

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham
Spinach salad with boiled eggs, bacon and dressing. It’s the best!

The hosting couple serves the entree – in this case a delicious prime rib.

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham
Vegetarians look away! A tasty prime rib getting sliced. I wasn’t allowed to share any pictures of the oven.

Everyone ends up in the kitchen drinking wine and visiting – of course!

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham
It’s not a dinner party unless everyone ends up in the kitchen, is it?

The table is set with pretty dishes.

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham
Pretty table setting with plenty of room for food to be brought to the table.

Everyone dishes up, we have a toast to good friends, and we dig in!

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham
Roasted vegetables with a horseradish sauce were delicious.

The night ends with dessert – and all of us eating too much!

Holiday dinner group from Go Gingham
Wine + cheese cake = heavenly

You can entertain, enjoy, and have fun while saving money.

Have you organized a dinner group?

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Dinner Group Gathering

  1. Sounds fun. Love the top picture. We don’t have a dinner group but we are friends with another couple with kids and we discovered long ago that it’s really more pleasant to eat at our homes where the kids can be excused after the meal to romp around. I hate trying to keep little kids occupied in a restaurant. My kids are older than theirs are so they can keep the younger ones occupied and the grownups get to relax. Plus, it’s a great way to show off any home improvement projects you have done recently. 🙂 Your meal looks delish–I’m craving a good spinach salad.


  2. Years ago (more than 30) we had a dinner group that we called The Guinea Pigs. The premise was that you needed to bring a dish that you’d never made before. We had little kids, little money, little time, and wonderful friends. We made no attempt to coordinate our meals, but always had an appetizer, salad, main dish, vegetable, dessert, and drinks. Most of the time the results were fantastic. The memories are terrific and we still laugh over some of the classic flops. We are all still friends, although we live in 6 different states now. What fun times those were!


  3. Your dinner party groups always look like fun. We don’t have an organized group like yours, but we do tend to get together with other couples in our home or theirs for good meals instead of meeting in restaurants. It’s easier t visit that way. And more pocket book friendly, of course.


  4. I started a dinner club with some girlfriends about 5 years ago, and we still meet every month. It’s always one of my favorite nights of the month & we all look forward to it! We’ve organized it so the host does everything, which is a lot of work for the host, but it’s only 1-2 times per year, and the rest of the time you can just come empty-handed and do no work! It’s so fun to get together with friends in the comfort of home 🙂


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