Home Organization Project 9

Chairs: Home Organization Weekly Project from Go Gingham
It’s been a long time since I’ve rocked anyone in this chair. I’m parting with it.

Here’s what the 9th week of this home organization project has taught me: The less I have, the more I want less. It’s a think piece. Things I’ve been keeping and holding onto for one reason or another are now going, going, gone! Once we finish an area, it feels so good. During it and figuring out what to tackle next, I’m usually sorry.

Furniture: Home Organization Weekly Project from Go Gingham
I’m selling it with the custom slip-cover – and the pillows, too.

 Home Organization Project 9

  1. Weekly. This week’s project. Furniture.
  2. Small. With only 4 items 5 items going, it seems small but it’s furniture so it’s big!
  3. Asses. Assess: We went through every room in the house and talked about the furniture. What we needed and why. What we should hold onto (that’s another post!) and what we should part with. We also decided to paint the office, move the day bed out, and rearrange furniture. Honestly, we didn’t anything – I decided “we” needed to do the office.
  4. Clear, clean and BUSTED! It’s true – my hiding spot for files, tripod and a breakfast tray have been found out. They were under the bed in the office. Once we went from 4 items to 5 items (after I convinced you-know-who to a mini-office re-do!) the Mr. said, “Where are you going to hide your stuff now?” Kitty has claws!!
  5. Sell it, baby! While I’m reluctant to sell items on Craig’s List or eBay (too much work!), we’re doing it. First, I’ll try to sell it locally – to our neighbors! If you’re reading this and know me, call me. Land-line – STAT!
  6. Stop buying. With a little office re-do (you’ll read all about it soon – as soon as I get the room painted – or have someone else do it – hint, hint!), I’m going to put together a larger desk for myself. I need more space – to take over the world with my stylishly frugal ways! – to be creative and think clearly. My office is in the dining room right now – and also in a tiny corner of the office. Stuff is spread out and not how I like to work.
  7. Less is more. It really is. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to store the rocking chair or at least the cushions but really – why? I’m really trying to say no and have less stuff – including chairs – and you know I love chairs – even when they have cute gingham trimmed cushions.
Chairs: Home Organization Weekly Project from Go Gingham
I sewed this when my kids were little enough to rock in it. It’s cozy and trimmed in gingham – of course!

Another week – done. The chairs are all crammed into our entryway right now. That’s how I know we’ll get rid of them – quickly! Progress is happening but it is slow – and painful! Next week – oh, who knows – I’ve given my kids an assignment but they may need bribing.

How’s your de-cluttering project coming along? Are you parting with furniture?

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12 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 9

    1. Kim,
      I’m so glad! It’s something we’ve been needing to do for a very long time. Painful as it is – I’m so glad with the results.
      Hope it helps you! Good luck and I can’t wait to hear about your progress…. 🙂


  1. Progress is slow and painful here also. My son moved into his own apt in November and so we started with his room – I did the cleaning out and my husband finished the painting last weekend. Now this weekend I will move the guest room furniture in and voila! A new guest room. Onto redoing the office and painting the pathetically marked up hallway walls. Slow but surely we’re inching along.


    1. Jill, way to go! That has to got to feel so good.
      Here’s the thing that happens to me – as soon as I finish one area and look around at what’s close by, everything else looks pretty shabby. It’s better when my reading glasses are off and I can’t really see!! LOL!
      Congratulations – on all fronts – son moving out and guest room getting done. Well done!


  2. Can I say something about the rocker? If it is comfy and you love it, keep it for your grandchildren. I know it is a ways off, but you won’t be sorry. Good rocking chairs are hard to find now a days, lol.

    I would love to get rid of several things around here…*sigh*


    1. Bobbi,
      I know you’re probably right about keeping it but to be honest, it’s had a pile of fabric on it the last several years and it has no home.
      It is so sweet and I do love it but I’ll need another sewing project – what with all the fabric I have!
      Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion. With 2 teenagers, I do hope my rocking of babies is at least a decade away – or longer – if you know what I mean ~
      Thanks, Bobbi! 🙂


  3. Sara,
    Don’t part with the rocking chair! Everyone needs one in their home IMHO! Now I would part with the cushions, put a small accent pillow on it and a throw blanket. I remember rocking my baby in one and every time I sit in it those sweet memories always brings me to a place of gratitude. It also a great way to take a time out.


    1. Oh, Monique, I know you’re right about the rocking part and I agree – completely. We have one in our bedroom and my son has one in his – we’re keeping all those.
      The rocking chair itself is not that very comfortable – hence the cushions.
      Thank you for thinking of the memories for me. I need to hang on to those but just not the chair. 🙂
      Thanks, Monique!!


  4. So, at first I thought point number 2 was “Asses” and you were going to talk only about chairs. I liked that. Now I realize you meant “Assess,” I think. Either way I enjoy all these posts. I found a slamming good deal on Angie’s List for painters, and because they had a cancellation and were coming the next day, I dismantled Lucy’s room within two hours. I had no time to reminisce or lament her being away at college and was ruthless with getting rid of stuff. Now I just need some furniture movers to switch her bed with our kingsize and I’ll have a new bedroom.


    1. Yes, “Assess” was the intended term there – LOL! Although, we’re talking about the same department – you know – sitting.
      I’m so impressed about your project, Melissa! Sometimes that’s how things work well – fast and furious. Well done.
      It’s a constant floor move here now that we’ve embarked on this project. I like it although it’s getting on everyone’s nerves. 🙂
      Oh well!!
      Thanks for writing in, Melissa.


  5. Oh good, I’m not the only one to note your typo under point #3. I was remembering an earlier comment you made about having a potty mouth, and, well, … no, seriously, I knew what you meant but wanted to kid you a little.

    I’m going to disagree with the above commenters and tell you that you’re on the right track to get rid of the chair. Sometimes ya gotta get rid of stuff! Speaking of which, I made some progress on my scary-scary desktop last week. Still more to go, but it’s such a relief to look at it now.


    1. Kris ~ you’re absolutely correct about “potty mouth” but I do try and keep it clean – both in real life and here.
      My editor will be in trouble for missing that one! LOL – the husband!!
      Yes, I’m good with the rocking chair going. I do like to rock but have PLENTY of chairs around here.
      Good luck with your desk top. We made need before and after pictures of it!
      Thanks, Kris. 🙂


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