Home Organization Project 15

Bags and Purses Home Organization #15 Go Gingham

Is it romantic, or crazy, that my husband and I like to go to estate sales on Friday afternoons? I’m going with crazy because while it is an inexpensive ‘date’ – relatively speaking – we’re trying to have less stuff rather than more! We’re in the midst of a year-long home organization/de-cluttering project and buying more isn’t part of the formula to reduce.

Here’s what I bought on a recent Friday – a very cool vintage handbag also known as a project.

Bags and Purses Home Organization #15 Go Gingham
I love this type of project! Handle missing and inside needs remaking. It was $1.00!

But I must be stopped because here’s what I already own – and have already redone.

This cute handbag that I lined with bikini fabric.

Bags and Purses Home Organization #15 Go Gingham

And then there’s this ‘brief case’ I made for attending a food blogger conference 2-years ago. The steps for that DIY are here – before, of the ‘brief case’ and after, of the ‘brief case.’

DIY briefcase for BlogHer Food

So there’s no reason to buy more, right? Say it with me now….Right!

  1. This week’s project. Bags, purses, backpacks.
  2. Small. Easy – most of the bags are in the same general area.
  3. Clear and clean. I cleaned all of these shelves when we did the mini-office re-do so I didn’t clean them again.
  4. Get set. Several of the bags are going to our local clothing closet for school kids. They always need backpacks! The estate sale find? Going on eBay! If you want it, call dibs now!
  5. Donate. Whatever doesn’t go to the above two is getting donated.
  6. Trade out. “Once something new comes in, something must go out.” I know I said that but I didn’t follow my own rule. I promise to do a better job of walking away!
  7. Stop buying. Do we really need more things in life? The answer to this is no – we don’t – BUT, it’s fun on Friday afternoons. I don’t even want to tell you that I bought an entire bag full of old panty hose for $1.00, but I have a plan to use those in the garden. Yes, I washed them.
  8. Less is more. Less is more and every time we clean out an area I want to have less. It feels really good.

Bags and Purses Home Organization #15 Go Gingham

And don’t forget these…..

Bags and Purses Home Organization #15 Go Gingham
That fanny pack is from the ’80s but I still wear it! Plaid and hands-free? Bring it on!

Those piano bags from last week that no one wanted? I washed them and stored them. Those I can’t get rid of.

Home Organization week #14 with Go Gingham

Another week and another area is done. Yes!! One change to my ‘donate’ everything stance. Brad has sold several items on eBay and we’ve taken clothes to be purchased at some local shops. The sales are bringing in some bucks, so now we’re selling! It’s looking like a second-hand shop in a corner of our basement and I honestly want the stuff gone but it’s definitely been worth selling some items.

How’s your de-cluttering project? Making progress? Any ’80s accessories you’re keeping?

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6 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 15

  1. Just cleared out a file cabinet from our office and consolidated the contents into one much smaller file cabinet, clearing space in our office to make it look less cluttered. Now we’re selling the cabinet on Craigslist, hoping to make back the money we spent on the new file cabinet. We ended up with an entire rubbermaid tub of paper to shred and a second tub (or more) of paper to recycle. Yikes! Also found a coupon from 1996 in the mix. It was clearly a little past time to clean out! Feels good, though, you’re right about that!


  2. Oh, the vintage handbag is way cool! I would have bought that, too. 🙂 I think it’s a great way to store cluttery items–even though you are adding something, you are making things neater and more accessible.

    Thanks for your de-cluttering posts. It really has helped me be more motivated to do my own de-cluttering.


    1. Kris, I’m so glad! 🙂
      If you want the vintage bag, I will gladly send it to you. You’re the best commenter here and it would be my pleasure! Just let me know.


  3. That is a darling bag! I’m curious how you would fix up a handle? I repurposed the lining of a summer bag when I saw how you relined your bikini one. I love it.


    1. Ruthie, of course I have handles for it that I found at another sale – LOL! Please stop me!
      I’m sure your bag is adorable, too! I can’t wait for it to be summer so I can use mine. 🙂 Thanks, Ruthie!


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