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Fun at the Big Traveling Potluck

You know I love potlucks – it’s the best way to entertain! When I heard there was a food blogger conference that involved traveling and potlucks, I knew I had to attend. What else did I like about The Big Traveling Potluck? Let’s see…

Big Traveling Potluck Review


It’s always a pleasure to meet people in person who I’ve only ‘met’ on Twitter or Instagram. In real life (#IRL) is infinitely better than online, don’t you agree? New friends, I absolutely enjoyed meeting, were Diane of “Created by Diane” fame and Lillian of “Chinese Grandma” fame. Oh ~and, Dara, Cookin Canuk, who runs and cooks – just like me! We’re scheming how we can get together for a run somewhere. It’s always lovely to see my friend, Kathy Strahs, too. She and I have been lucky to see one another several times! I could go on and on here so here’s the list of all of this year’s attendees.


The food was simple and homemade. Usually conferences are held at big venues and the only choice is to use the food services provided by the hotel or conference facility. That food can only be so good when it’s ‘corporate’ or ‘industrial’ food. Because all of the meals we cook at home are simple, wholesome foods (good for you, good for the environment, and the budget!), I usually need a day or two of fruits and vegetables to get me back on track after I get home from a conference. Not this time.


Gorgeous setting, temporary tattoos, and plenty of prizes – and awesome swag! There’s a KitchenAid blender coming my way and a gift from OXO. Evidently I won the temporary tattoo prize. The Big Traveling Potluck had some great sponsors – hence the awesome goodies we took home. Water bottle, reusable utensils, vegetables, hummus, and a salad container – combined, those were my meal on the airplane!

Big Traveling Potluck Review


Usually I leave a conference feeling like I’m behind and have a lot of catching up to do. This is mostly my own fault because I go to the conference sessions with titles like, “Take Over the World and Dominate Google” or “Write Blog Posts in Your Sleep” or “You’re Not Posting Enough! What’s Wrong with You?” So when I get home, I have these strategy meetings with Brad and say I’ve got to post more, write more, pin more, make Google love me more, etc. etc, blah, blah, wahhhhh – I need a nap!

Not this conference. There were very few sessions, just the right number of attendees, and lots of time to listen, learn, and write. When I got home, I was exhausted but I didn’t come home with grand plans. I came home to keep doing what I’m doing and working how it works best for me – and my family.

Big Traveling Potluck Review

Thank you to my sponsors!

This conference I was corporate sponsor-less but if you’d like to sponsor me for my next conference, find details on my professional site.

Thank you to Amelia of Eating Made Easy who made sharing a hotel room with me fun. We kept our costs down and talked each other to sleep every night! Thank you to Jen – my BFF from college – who ran 10-miles with before the conference and let me stay with her on my way to the potluck conference. Running is always good in Carlsbad especially when I’m with my college running partner! We laughed, cried, and then were stiff as boards later that afternoon. It’s not like when we ran 25+years ago, is it?

A big thank you to my husband, Brad. For the first time since having kids, I left for a long weekend and didn’t leave a chart, schedule of activities, a to-do list or a prepared meal for my time away. It was an absolute treat! I loved coming home to clean laundry and chores all done. Thank you!

Lastly, thank you to my readers. Without you reading, coming back, and commenting, none of this would be happening. Thank you! Thank you!!

I brought fresh strawberries sliced and ready to eat with a little sugar on top to the conference. What dish do you like to bring to potlucks?

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2 thoughts on “Fun at the Big Traveling Potluck

  1. I try to always give myself some down time at conferences to process b/c it does seem like I come home more tired and overwhelmed than when I left.

    Glad this was a good one!


  2. I confess, for me, a potluck is an excuse to dust off some sort of gooey, unhealthy dessert recipe, cuz I can eat just one piece and everyone else helps gobble it up! But I love it when people bring fresh fruit to potlucks. I need to get the recipe, but a woman from church somehow scored pineapple into squares but left the squares on the outside of the pineapple … put raspberry jam on it and broiled it briefly–was that yum!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you had a fun conference. I’d be right there with you in the high-achieving conferences, feeling like whatever I was doing wasn’t good enough. We need to stop doing that to ourselves! šŸ™‚


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