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Home Organization Project 20

Go Gingham: Wool blankets

This week’s home organization weekly project clean out was all about inspecting. I inspected all of our sheets and blankets in the linen closet and on the beds. There’s no picture of this because our linen closet is big and dark without any electrical light. Actually, it’s not even a linen closet but rather just a closet in my daughter’s bedroom that she and I share. Her bedroom is the smallest in our house and yet her closet is the largest. I re-did the closet and made better use of the space. By double hanging closet rods and adding shelves, there’s plenty of space for all of our clothing. The shelves make up the ‘linen closet’ part of the closet. That’s what you get with 100-year-old houses!

OK, back on topic….sheets and blankets. Here’s the thing – because we home swap when we travel and are hopefully doing another one this summer to San Jose/San Francisco or around that area – it makes me think about our sheets from our guests’ eyes. Ratty-tatty sheets and pillow cases happen here and I do mend them but sometimes they need replacing.

Fitted sheets that are worn through can be mended and used for box spring covers. All of the box springs in our house are covered with mended fitted sheets.

We kept all of the blankets but I swapped a couple out. I like to keep a blanket in our cars and I traded those blankets with ones from the house. I am washing all of our blankets and comforters this week to store them for the summer. Follow these tips – washing wool blankets – and yes, I go to a laundromat.

Home Organization Project Week #20

  1. Weekly. This week’s project: sheets and blankets
  2. Small. Small and easy but that’s what this project is all about, right?
  3. Clear and clean. Hello, it feels like summer! Wool blankets and down comforters came off the beds. Pillow cases got mended and there’s a flat sheet that will get the top hem turned over very soon.
  4. Get set. Aside from switching out ‘car blankets’ I didn’t get rid of anything. I did finally finish a quilt I started ages ago for my son. He leaves for college next year so I’m holding onto items he might be packing with him.
  5. Stop buying. Again, with college looming, there will be sheets and blankets needed so I’m tucking items away that can go off to university without me wondering if they’ll come back in one piece or not!
  6. Less is more. It is more and but I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. I didn’t buy fabric recently that would make a pretty blanket. It’s hard for me to say no to fabric but I was strong!

Another week, another area. I may have mentioned that I’m organizing a garage sale on our street – even though I swore them off years ago! Lots of work and it’s easier to donate, garage sales are a fun social event, so I’m doing it. If you show up, I won’t let you buy anything because remember we’re reducing the amount of stuff we own, right?

What area are you cleaning out this week?

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8 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 20

  1. For me, the marker of spring arriving is taking the flannel sheets off the bed (which I did a few weeks ago, thank goodness!). I grew up using wool blankets but we don’t have any. Our weather keeps fluctuating so I haven’t taken blankets off beds yet.

    Good job with making your daughter’s closet more usable. I have a weird nerdly fascination with fitting things in small spaces (I love to see how travel trailers are organized to allow maximum use of space). πŸ™‚


    1. Ah, yes, the flannel sheet change over! That is a good marker of spring. It’s funny the little routines we have that mark the change of seasons. And, yes, once again proving that you and I are twins…I like fitting things more efficiently into small spaces, too. That’s a good thing considering our lack of closet space!
      Thanks, Kris! Have a great weekend πŸ™‚


  2. I am “lightening up” the living room this week. I had put a tablecloth over the coffee table a few weeks ago, after we had three dust storms in one week. It seemed easier to do that than to dust evey day, or even twice a day at some points. This weekend it is finally raining, so the tablecloth will need to be washed and put away.


    1. Karen ~
      Three dust storms in one week is a lot! Smart move adding the tablecloth. Is that usual spring weather for you or is this something new?
      My house gets very dusty – I have no idea how – and I like the tablecloth or runner program for disguising dust myself. Several of our tables and have slipcovers that I leave on year-round for that reason.
      Thanks, Karen! πŸ™‚


  3. We have the same situation — smallest bedroom has the largest closet. What’s up with that? I’m jealous of my son’s walk-in closet.

    I’ve accomplished just about no cleaning this weekend. I’ve been messing around with gardening instead.


    1. Jen, I have no idea what is up with the large closets on the small rooms. Maybe builders felt bad about the small size bedroom? My daughter used her closet as a play area when she was younger. It’s large enough for a twin bed in there – or at least it used to be!
      Spending time in the garden is a must at this time of year! I did the same thing this past weekend – although it was more hack/manage the growing hedges and weeds – less actual growing of anything or planting.
      It’s hard to get out in the yard to work when kids are little. So glad you got a chance to get out there!! πŸ™‚


  4. We just took a quilt off the bed last week when it was so warm, and now the cold came back again and we’re shivering. Ah, Oregon spring!

    A good use for an old top sheet that’s ready to retire is as a beach blanket. It dries easily if it gets damp and takes up less room than packing a heavier blanket.


    1. Erin, great tip on the old sheet = new beach blanket! You’re right about beach blankets (and towels!) taking up lots of room. I’d imagine the sand coming off of a sheet lots easier than a blanket or towel, too. Thanks, Erin!!


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