Home Organization Project 24

Bags and Purses Home Organization #15 Go Gingham
I want to keep it all but I can’t. This vintage purse is going.

Can we talk about garage and yard sales? That’s what this week’s home organization project was all about. We’re getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow and we’ve opened every cupboard, drawer, closet – everything in the house this week.We’re walking around asking ourselves what’s really important, what do we really want to keep, continue cleaning or dusting, and what we should sell or donate.

If you’re related to me – and there are a few – you know I’ve been sending emails. “Do you want these?” or “Does anyone want this?” or the dreaded, “I’m going to donate this unless I hear from you.”

Keeping a home organized is constant. When new stuff comes in, old stuff must go out – as in keep the river flowing! I’ve seen the results when I don’t keep that river flowing. There are even shows about it. “Hoarders,” anyone?

Even when I get items for ‘free’ from the pile on the street corner, I have to remind myself that there is a cost. Once it comes into our home, I have to put it somewhere. Dust it. Fix it. Store it. Admire it. Move it. Wish I had left it. Kick myself for not grabbing the matching one.

Home Organization Project Week #24

  1. Weekly. This week’s project: yard sale preparation!
  2. Small. This was swift and quick. Walk around, decide what you’re sick of cleaning and dusting; sell them. You know we’re not storing items any longer in the attic of the garage after we had the rat problem.
  3. Clear and clean. Does putting price stickers on items count as cleaning? No, not really. Well, our basement has been the staging area for our ‘trash into cash’ stuff. It’s getting emptied as I type this…The basement will look clean once we no longer look like we’re moving out! Hah!
  4. Get set. Yes, get set for our garage sale! It will take place in the yard so come by if it’s sunny.
  5. Pack it out. Tomorrow, the deal is, nothing is coming back in the house. Whatever doesn’t sell is getting donated.
  6. Stop ME! Yes, would you, please? My brain feels clogged when there’s too much stuff around. Creativity is lower when there’s clutter around. That’s how my mind works.
  7. Less is more. It is more unless you buy a vintage travel trailer for $1.00 this week! We’ll talk more about that later – like when I get issued a new title for my “scamper.” If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen this.

Scamper Camper from Go Gingham

Now, before you shake your head….please know that I’ve been stalking this cute little camper – and I love house projects! This is my solution to a big house project – redo this little cutie. With two in college soon, we’re especially aware of our budget. (It’s also my solution to loving camping but not wanting to sleep on the ground in a tent.) It’s trashed inside so of course you’ll hear all about the progress.

How’s your house clean out/home organization coming along? Any yard/garage/porch/tag sales in your future?

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12 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 24

  1. Is that the cute purse you redid inside with the darling bikini fabric?

    And I’m jealous of your $1 find! I’ve wanted to redo a vintage camper. Some neighbors five houses down from us have one sitting on the side of their house. I’ve been wanting to “meet” them – and casually ask if they ever want to rid themselves of it, to give me a call.


    1. Ruthie,
      That purse is just like the one I re-did. If you want that one above, it’s yours!! Free!
      The scamper….I’ve been stalking little campers around my neighborhood for a while. This isn’t the first one I’ve offered to buy. I did buy this from a neighbor and she was thrilled it was going to a good home. I’d ask your neighbors about it. Why not? Our driveway is a little too small for the scamper. Oh well… I love it and can’t wait to take it out.
      πŸ™‚ Good luck!


  2. I’d LOVE a “new to me” purse. Thank you! I live in Salt Lake City, Utah – is that ok?

    And I’ll keep you posted on my camper!


    1. You’re on, Ruthie! Got your address from the email so that vintage handbag is coming your way. You have to share pictures when it’s all done. So glad it’s going to a good home…


  3. Isn’t it the truth, that de-cluttering is a constant? We had crazy amounts of rainfall this past week, which has resulted in a wet basement. As we were moving items/putting them off the ground, I was finding many things that fell into the “We need to get rid of this” category.

    I don’t want a vintage camper but I would like a pop-up tent camper! I’d like to be off the ground and have the option to cook inside … but it still feels like “camping” to have the canvas walls.


    1. Yes, I agree about the being off the ground option when camping. For me, I prefer the cooking outside as long as I can be out of the rain. My solution is an awning off of the camper. Well, I have to make it, first.
      Sorry about the wet basement – that is a hassle. It’s amazing how a wet basement can make you want to purge, isn’t it?
      Our basement is looking empty now that our yard sale is done. It looks goooood!! πŸ™‚


  4. Oh, I want your camper! I would not have been able to let that go for $1 either. AND, we’d already planned to hit some estate sales this morning, and now I think we’re going to have to go all the way into town so we can go by your place. πŸ™‚

    You are so right about the need to be vigilant with possessions. We’re going to the sales with a list of wanted/needed items in mind. The primary fun of it for us is in the looking.


    1. Rita! So glad you came by and it was awesome meeting Caine. You two are adorable!
      Can’t wait to see where you hang the painting. Thanks for coming to the sale + buying a chair. I like them to go to good homes. πŸ˜‰


  5. Can’t wait to see the “after” on your super cute camper!! Even I might be enticed to camp if I had something like that to sleep in :).


    1. Darcy, if you’ll sleep in it, let’s plan a girl camping trip! Or not….we can just play cards and have drinks in it. It looks cute on the street but is better suited for the driveway until it has a title (!), plates and doesn’t look so trashed.
      Can’t wait to give you a tour!! πŸ™‚


    1. I’d love to go!! It came from the ‘hood so it didn’t have far to travel.
      You know we’re campers but my back can’t take the ground any longer…
      One of your neighbors came to our yard sale. She’s adorable and said she got you + Jeff to buy your house. Fun!!


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