Home Organization Project 30

Home Organization Project Week #30 from Go Gingham

Remember when we cleaned out the top of the garage before our garage sale? And then we discovered the rats in the rest of the garage? Well, those were just warm ups to this week’s home organization project: the garage. Blah!

Home Organization Project Week #30 from Go Gingham

We’ve been waiting for warm weather so that we can drag out every single item and decide whether to keep it or give it away.

Let’s just say this: Brad and I both need to be better about dragging home every item that has a sign on it that reads, “FREE!” We’re constantly reminding ourselves that there is a cost to even free stuff. Once it comes into our home or garage, it has to go somewhere. Then, it needs fixing. Or admiring. Or moving. Or wishing we had left it behind.

Home Organization Project Week #30 from Go Gingham
Very cool old park signs that the city was getting rid of hang on the wall. Windows were a dumpster-dive!

The garage, which is really a carriage house, is not big enough for even a small car. It’s home to bikes and garden supplies.

When we cleaned out some items for our garage sale, I thought we were really making progress. I was kidding myself!

Home Organization Project Week #30 from Go Gingham

We have lots of wood scraps – remember they’re like my fabric scraps – because we might need a piece of wood for a project. Might.

Home Organization Project Week #30 from Go Gingham

We’ve also had a rat problem –Β read more about the rat troubles we’ve had – in our garage. That was due to my sewing very cute corn-hole bags that I filled with corn. After summer ended, out to the garage they went. We fed all of the rats around the neighborhood. Sad, but true.

Home Organization Project Week #30 from Go Gingham

The plan is to turn our garage into a home gym. With one bike on a stationary wheel, a cross country ski machine, and punching bag in the basement, we’re on our way. We’ll be checking out ‘Craig’s List’ for some weights, too.

Home Organization Project Week #30 from Go Gingham

So there’s your tour of our ‘before’ on the garage. Next week, you’ll read all about the ‘after’ and hopefully we won’t discover anymore rats.

What area are you cleaning out and organizing this week? Have you done your garage?

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Here’s a book I just picked up from the library…

Can’t wait to read it since this year has been all about reducing the number of ‘things’ we own. This links to Amazon. When you click + shop, you support this site. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 30

  1. Ew. I hate creepy critters. Good luck in your cleanout.

    Our garage isn’t too awful because we need a place to park our cars during our heavy snowfalls. In the summer, my husband parks in the driveway so we can park our bikes in the garage and have easy access to them (in the winter they are stored in the basement). I would like everything lined up a bit more neatly in the garage, but it could be worse. It’s also more my husband’s space than mine, and I need to make sure “my” spaces are better organized before I nag about “his”. πŸ™‚ But I have to say … he seems to collect random pieces of wood, as well … is this a guy thing???


    1. Kris, I think it is a guy thing with the wood! I made the mistake of suggesting that we get rid of some on Saturday and boy oh boy! LOL! What’s funny is that just this morning I needed a scrap of wood for something and had plenty to choose from – hah!
      We could only dream of parking a car in our garage. It’s not big enough for even my little car. I like the accessibility of the bikes in yours. That makes sense to keep it easy so that the bikes get used. Nicely done!


    1. Rita, I will keep that kind offer in mind! Our garage isn’t the sturdiest and those signs are heavy….sometimes I’m afraid they’ll tip the whole thing over – LOL! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for writing in….


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