Home Organization Project 36

Home Organization Week 36 from Go Gingham Every year, before school starts, we clean and sort through closets and clothes. This year, I decided to try something new. I told my kids we weren’t going to do it. Well, I wasn’t going to help them do it – we were knee deep in the basement tool room project – and they got the privilege of doing it themselves.

Home Organization Project Week #36

  1. Weekly. This week’s project: kids’ closets
  2. Small. This was an easy week. Unlike past years, all I did was tell my kids it was their responsibility now to clean out and sort through their closets. Now that they’re both teenagers, it seemed like a good time to let go of me doing this chore and letting them handle it.
  3. Clear and clean. I suggested they take everything out of the drawers and closet and then vacuum. I’m not sure that’s what actually happened.
  4. Get set. My contribution to this process was to put big empty shopping bags with labels: Clothing Center (clothes that could get re-worn and were in good shape), Donation (clothes that were clearly not going to the Clothing Center), and Hand Me Downs (clothes that could go to friends and neighbors who would wear them. My closet sorting was last spring – (find the details of sorting out my entire closet by checking here) – and that was enough for me. Plus, both of my kids are in high school. I don’t need to do the work with them or for them any longer.
  5. Pack it out. Yes, it all went out the door and hopefully all recipients are happy. My daughter also tried to sell some items but wasn’t super successful.
  6. Stop buying. Well, mostly, my kids buy all of their own clothes so I have stopped buying – years ago! Seriously, this has worked out very well – and better than I ever thought. They also do their own laundry so the pile of clothing on the floor doesn’t bother me a bit. Well, that’s not true. It bothers me a great deal but I do my best to ignore it.
  7. Less is more. Less is more – especially if you’re teens take care of your own clothing. My recommendation? Hang everything. When it comes to kids’ clothing, it’s easier for them to see and put away on their own if it goes on a hanger. This was my conclusion after years of folding their clothing. Laundry pushed onto the floor or shoved in a drawer drove me crazy! Save yourself the trouble and have kids hang their clothes. They’re definitely less wrinkled than the pile on the floor!

Start of school

This project got done and I didn’t have to do it. Was it done to my specifications or how I would have done it? Nope. But, that’s how my kids seem to learn these life skills – without me hovering around or hawking over them.

52 weeks of home organization

As part of our New Year’s resolution, we’re cleaning out a different area of our house every week this year. Find all of the “weekly home organization projects” – or click the image below.
Home Organization in 52 weeks from Go Gingham

6 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 36

  1. Genius week on your part. You should have maybe planned a few more of this kind of week in your 52 week plan! Our basement is still in shambles from moving everything out for the basement wall sealing, but that got finished today, so we’ll try and channel our inner Sara as we put it back and cull a little more before we replace it and put it back tidier than it came out. Probably also won’t be done to your specifications b/c we’re just amateurs, but it will be better than when we started!


    1. Hey, progress counts and it only matters if it’s to your standards! This is a huge project and I loved the photo on instagram. 🙂
      We are making progress on all areas but it is amazing how much stuff can accumulate if you’re not paying attention. And, yes, the kids can do more – with their stuff. I don’t want them organizing mine! LOL!
      Thanks, Erin!


  2. I’m with you on all of this! I hang almost all of my own clothes–everything but underwear, sweats/workout clothes, and t-shirts/tanks worn as underlayers. Reduces ironing and helps me see what I have more easily. Two years ago I started giving my daughter a clothing allowance, and she spends it as she sees fit. I do still do all the laundry, but that’s mostly because I want to conserve on water/detergent and run full loads. Everyone has a cubby (in an Ikea Expedit shelving unit), and I put their clothes in their cubbies. My son never takes his out of there–gets dressed right from the cubby. Kinda drives me crazy, but I let it go. I let a lot of things go with them these days. And everyone is the better for it. 🙂


    1. Rita, I so hear you on letting go of things with teens! When my kids were little and people talked about picking your battles, it never really made sense….until they entered middle school. Then you really have to pick!
      I started hanging my clothes, too, and totally agree. It’s so much easier to see what I have and my t-shirts aren’t wrinkled. Amazing!
      Thanks, Rita!! 🙂


  3. “I’m not sure that’s what actually happened”–SO true with kids. And I agree–we moms have to let go of how we would do things and let kids be responsible for themselves (with occasional guidance, of course …). Good for you. I’ll try to follow your example.


    1. Kris, no one ever talks about how you stop doing things for your kids – in those parenting books. Or maybe I quit reading them! LOL! Well, I know they need to do everything for themselves and my kids sooner than yours so I’m trying to let go of more. It is hard!


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