Home Organization Project 42

His closet clean out Go Gingham

“Can’t we just write about cleaning out my closet and not actually do it?” Well, no, we can’t. The poor thing. He put off this week’s home organization project until this afternoon and when he asked if I wanted wine and cheese, I said, “Only if you’re still going to do your closet with me.”

“What? We’re still doing that? Why don’t we clean something else out? Why does it have to be my stuff?” See what I mean about the poor thing? He was really taking it hard.

His feathers are still ruffled from when we sorted and culled through all of our books, way back in March. Oh, and don’t forget all of his work files that we sorted through in February. Brad’s been very helpful and supportive of this hare-brained weekly project of mine – which was our New Year’s Resolution for this year – as long as we kept the focus on my stuff and not his.

Closet organization Go Gingham

Home Organization Project 42

  1. This week’s project. My husband’s closet. It’s the end of October and we’ve been talking about doing this for months.
  2. Small. It only took about 45 minutes. The hardest part was just getting started. That’s always the hardest part, isn’t it? The just getting going part of the project.
  3. Clear and clean. Everything came out, but in stages. We did knit shirts, shorts, pants, and then dress shirts. To his credit, he got rid of things that really didn’t look good on him. If you need a shirt for the upcoming school auction (you know which one I’m talking about here!), we have several shirts to choose from.
  4. Get set. We got rid of the stained, torn, and really out of style items. We did keep a lot of things that our son might wear in a few years. He’s a senior in high school and the classics (remember all those years I worked for Polo/Ralph Lauren menswear?) may work, if he ends up going to college on the east coast. Or on the west coast. Who knows. We kept them so he can have a few items if he needs them.
  5. Stop buying. To be honest with you, Brad is not a shopper and when he finds an item he likes or wants, he buys it. It happens so rarely that I really don’t feel right stopping him. He also really likes cashmere so there’s that. Remember, we got rid of a lot of sweaters early on this process.
  6. Less is more. Well, yes, but not when it comes to men’s clothing. It seems that men don’t have to constantly buy new items and upgrade. Their items are well made and last longer. While I would have gotten rid a lot more, what’s left can be worn for years to come.

Home Organization Closet Cleaning

What’s not fair is that men’s clothing really does stay in style. Many of Brad’s dress shirts and trousers have been worn for years – and can still be worn in the future. There’s something not right about how expensive women’s clothing is and then it goes out of style sooner. We’re also expected to carry expensive handbags and bags. And then there’s all the hair and make-up. It can really cost a bundle of money. OK, I’m getting off topic so I’ll stop now.

Closet Home Organization Go Gingham

Thank you to everyone who reads these weekly home organization posts! Also, thank you for all of the tours I’m getting – whether they’re in real life or via email – of your home organization projects. I love it! It’s not easy to part with stuff or sort through things. It’s so nice once it’s done and it looks so good. Keep up the good work!

What was your project for this week? Did you have wine while doing it?

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11 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 42

  1. Perhaps that mini-rant should be blown into a full blog post, because it’s SO true!

    Well done, Brad! And now that there’s nothing left of yours to take, you can probably rest easy. At least until New Year’s.


  2. If women would make the majority of their wardrobes classic styles, their clothes would not go out of fashion quite so quickly. It is possible to make a classic look totally different with accessories. And a little bit of attitude never hurts!


    1. Karen, you are so right about the classic styles. Luckily, that’s what I’m drawn to. I do get a few fashionable/trendy items but those always come from Goodwill – and then they go back there, too!
      I like your attitude – because you’re right – it never hurts! 😉
      Thanks, Karen!


  3. I agree…the fact that a man can pretty much wear the same cloths for years and still be in style is freakish to me. Kens side of the closet is completely clean and organized at all times, mine on the other hand is NOT. I keep hanging on to things I think I might fit my hiney in to again…but never seems to happen. I am reading the book Radical by David Platte. It has sent me on a radical look of how we over do everything!! We have way too much. My next project is actually my kitchen. as always thanks for your wisdom!


    1. Hi Sheila!
      I just saved this book to my library list so I can reserve it. Thank you for sharing! We do have too much and I’m honestly tired of it – which was the idea of this New Year’s Resolution – to get rid of stuff.
      I’ve saved way too many items of clothing over the years and when I cleared stuff out, it felt so good. Of course I’ve gone to wear several items and they’re no longer around! LOL! Oh well.
      My next project is the kitchen, too. We’ve done some parts but I need to take everything out of the cupboards and sort through stuff. It’s easier when we have less stuff…
      Thanks, friend!! 🙂


  4. What Erin said! And what Karen said. Although, even if the basic shape stays the same, we fiddle with even the classics. Think of all the variations of fit we’ve “needed” for a basic pull-over sweater in our lifetimes. I would never wear them now as long and baggy as I did in the late 80s/early 90s.


    1. I know, Rita. Actually all of my ‘classics’ from early ’90s are out – and yes, mostly because my waist shape is different – but they’re still classic and well made and not one of the resale shops I dragged them to wanted them. Not one! But, they bought Brad’s items. Something isn’t right about that…
      Yes, I’ll write about it – got one rattling around in my head already! 🙂
      Thanks, Rita!


  5. This is so funny, Sara! I know men can also be rather irrational about their emotional attachments to clothing. The beau has quite a few Bill Cosby-esque sweaters from the 80’s that really need to go, but he can’t let go of them. Same with his collection of owl shirts!!!


  6. Yup, my husband is all too happy to have my stuff cleared away, but when it comes to his things…not so much!

    Rita’s comment gave me a bit of a shudder 😉 So, so, so glad to have gotten past the long, baggy sweater days of the 80s and 90s!


    1. I, too, prefer not to re-visit my 80s and 90s wardrobes. The newer “classics” are more flattering to my figure and I’ll take any styles that make me appear longer and leaner than I really am, thank-you-very-much. That being said … Sara is right–my hubby is wearing (mostly) the same dress clothes that he did when we got married 13 years ago and they really don’t look out of place. I spend most of my time sorting through my hubby’s disgusting assortment of t-shirts and torn shorts/jeans rather than his dress clothes. They aren’t out-of-date as much as they are just.plain.scary.


      1. Kris ~ I hear ya’ on those old t-shirts and what not of husbands! I just put all the college rugby t-shirts in a pile in another closet so they can be kept/saved but are out of circulation. They were inappropriate to wear! 🙂


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