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Home Organization Project 43

Is it Friday again? Must be time for another home organization project!

Art supplies from Go Gingham

This is week #43 of our year-long clear out stuff and own less project – which was our New Year’s Resolution for this year. I checked the master list yesterday to see how many projects I have left – since I’m trying to be done with this madness in 52 weeks. Perhaps we’ll need to continue with a once-a-month project. We’ll see. I think I know my husband is ready to be done!

Art Supplies before Go Gingham

Whether you’re crafty or not, it’s necessary to have a few supplies on hand. I don’t consider myself crafty – I’d rather use a power tool – but I do like working with paper, scrap-booking, and sewing. Art supplies and little kids go hand-in-hand but now our art supplies get used for school/homework projects – and we really don’t need that many.

Home Organization Project 43

  1. This week’s project. Art supplies.
  2. Small. It only took about 20 minutes. Easy!
  3. Clear and clean. Everything came out of the dresser and off the top of it. Old houses have no storage. Our art supplies are in an old dresser that’s not too big. It limited what I could keep – thankfully!
  4. Get set. When my kids were younger, lots of art supplies were kept upstairs in our kitchen and dining room. While I’ve pared down our craft stuff over the years, my kids have completely grown out of all the paper cutting and coloring stage of life. Today it was time to consolidate and eliminate again.
  5. Stop buying. Well, yes, I’m done buying art supplies for the kids but sometimes I buy them for myself. I really try to rein this in but because we make all of our cards – Christmas cards + general cards like birthdays + thank you cards – I like to have a new paper punch occasionally. I do trade punches and stamps with friends and that is another great way to get something new – by borrowing!
  6. Less is more. It is better to have less because there’s less space being taken up and we don’t use art supplies as often. When our kids were younger, we did family art projects or went to the park to draw and that hasn’t happened in years. That made me a little sad and I miss those ‘less busy’ years.

Art Supplies after Go Gingham

So the dresser is cleared off and the containers are empty. I’ll hang onto to them because they’re nice but I’m trying to keep them empty and not fill them with more stuff.

This stuff? (I feel I must explain the zip top bags – which I don’t buy. Those were given to me with food in them and I washed them out to reuse them.)

Art supplies to donate Go Gingham

I’m going to give it to my friend who teaches preschool. If she doesn’t want it, it will go to SCRAP. Or get donated. At least nothing is going into the garbage can and I think most of it can get reused. It bothers me that there’s so much plastic on the felt pens. I’m not sure what the answer is there. It seems pretty wasteful and perhaps the plastic recycling spot will take them.

Home Organization Weekly Project 43

Another week, another area – done! Feeling good about this project because that pile was on the dresser for a long time – too long to mention! It’s next to my sewing area in our basement. I’ve got loose ends to tie up with donating items and figuring where to store the paper dolls. We can’t get rid of those!

How’s your weekly project coming along? What area did you organize?

52 weeks of home organization

As part of our New Year’s resolution, we’re cleaning out a different area of our house every week this year. Find all of the “weekly home organization projects” – or click the image below.
Home Organization in 52 weeks from Go Gingham

6 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 43

  1. It makes me sad too, to get rid of things that the kids once enjoyed, and to know those days are past. I have a 9 year-old, as well as two teenagers, so the de-cluttering process is more drawn out at our house (if it even happens at all – far too often I’ll pull the crazy-lady “keep it for future grandchildren” card which means I get to avoid dealing with hard decisions). I truly wish I had better resolve, because your words (several posts ago) – “the less I have, the more I want less” – ring so true for me as well. (Obviously, as I’ve memorized them!) It’s this darn sentimentality that is such a stumbling block for me 😦

    I just Googled “recycling felt markers” and came up with what might be some good news! Apparently, school kids in California lobbied Crayola and they now have a recycling program! Not sure if you have to be part of a school, or if individuals can participate, but here’s the link: http://www.crayola.com/colorcycle.aspx

    Oh, and that SCRAP centre that you have in Portland!! My home city has a similar centre, and I’ve directed both my mother and MIL to it as they’re both wanting to do some clearing out (clearly they need to advertise better if residents don’t know about it…). What a fantastic way to gather and distribute that sort of stuff!


    1. Marian, thank you so much for checking into the pen recycling project! I love it!
      It is so much easier when cities/organizations make it easy for us to recycle. Thank you for sharing the link – and encouraging clearing out/reuse. 🙂


  2. My daughter is very artsy so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to clean out art areas like you have, at least until she heads off to college. And while the clutter can make me crazy (sometimes we go through a winnowing-out process), there is a lot of joy in the stage of life that I have been in for the past 11 years. 🙂 I have had to come to the conclusion that having creative children results in clutter. I don’t like clutter, but I like creativity, so I try to make my peace with it.

    I love pretty old dressers and would love to nab one like yours.


    1. This is hard for me:

      having creative children results in clutter. I don’t like clutter, but I like creativity, so I try to make my peace with it.

      but you are absolutely correct! Our entry way continually looks like a locker room but at least kids are active and doing sports, etc.
      It does go so quickly – once they hit school. Our son is applying to college! Crazy! His room will make a great photo studio – it has the best light! 🙂
      Thanks, Kris!!


  3. Another successful project, Sara! Don’t tell your husband, but I’m going to miss your weekly projects. I cleared our laundry room and got rid of so much junk last week and thought of you while I was doing it. I even found a whole stash of cleaning rags (from old t-shirts) that I thought I’d lost in our last move. And, I found a gift card from last Christmas! I felt like I was getting paid to clean when I found that gift card. Thank you for continually being an inspiration!


    1. Vanessa, good for you! I will not tell my husband ~ he can’t wait until we are done.
      I’m so excited about what you found! Way to go…
      Thank you for writing in 🙂


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