Home Organization Project 45

Hello home organization weekly project #45. You’re even dustier than last week’s kitchen cabinet clean out.

DVD clean out Go Gingham

While I’m calling this week’s project ‘home entertainment,’ this is straight out of the ’80s and ’90s. The VCR machine – yes, we still have one – and VHS movies but also a few DVDs that we’ll never watch.

For the record, my husband used to work for a video rental company. We got a LOT of free movies during his tenure at the company. The movie companies gave the employees free movies so that they’d order more copies – rather than fewer – and we still have lots of those videos.

We haven’t watched lots of these VHS movies for years but the last time we plugged in the VCR player, it worked and we laughed hysterically at ‘Austin Powers’- the first one. My other favorite VHS movie that we’re parting with is ‘Meet the Parents.’ It’s so funny! If you haven’t seen it, rent it this weekend.

Home Organization Week 45 project Go Gingham

Home Organization Project 45

  1. This week’s project. VHS and DVD movies.
  2. Small. It took about an hour – easy! We had really talked about this clean out because it was a family decision. Well, let me rephrase that…Brad and I decided the plan and we told our kids.
  3. Clear and clean. Everything came out of the baskets and cabinets that hold our ‘home entertainment’ stuff. I want to do some rearranging in the basement and need the shelves that the TV, VCR, DVD, Xbox are stored on. The decision we told our kids – who are almost 18-years-old (boy) and almost 16-years old (girl) – was that they had to sell their Xbox game system and that it was time for it to go. While the kids bought the Xbox several years ago – with money they had earned – Brad and I agreed that 18-year-old boys who are becoming men don’t need video game systems any longer. This was not a popular decision – as you might imagine. The system is getting sold very soon – the birthday is looming!
  4. Get set. All of the VHS movies and DVDs and VCR machine are piled on the dining room table. I’m going to give them all away or donate them. Whichever works and is easiest. There’s not a huge market for VHS movies. Honestly, I was a little sad to see some of the movies go that they had watched when they were little. “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Little Bear” were videos that I enjoyed watching with my little kiddos when they were younger.
  5. Stop buying. As part of the getting rid of the Xbox system – which also plays DVDs – we agreed to purchase a new DVD player. With a TV in our basement, that’s a nice spot for our kids to ‘entertain’ and hang out, I’d rather them have a DVD player than the game system. Compromises and concessions seem to work well with teens when you have to throw down a decision like “sell your Xbox before you turn 18.”
  6. Less is more. While cleaning out all of the VHS movies and DVDs, we talked about how technology advances make us buy. Looking at the VHS movies that probably still work reminded me of cassette tapes, eight track tapes, and LPs – and the typewriter! It’s nice that some of these items are coming back – thinking LPs here – but the VHS tapes seem to really break down over time. I’m going to focus on getting all of our DVDs – and not purchasing them new – from the library. That’s my plan – except maybe Downton Abbey. We have all 4 seasons from the library right now – we can’t get enough!

Whew! Another weekly home organization project jammed in on Friday afternoon. My intentions are so good at the beginning of the week and then it all falls apart. Maybe next week….

What was your home organization project for this week? Got any closet clean outs on your to do list for the weekend?

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12 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 45

  1. You might know this already, but they buy Xbox systems and games at Game Shack, 7135 NE Fremont St (corner of Sandy, Fremont & 72nd in the Roseway Neighborhood). They gave me a good price for our old game system.

    Is your family getting excited for 2015 when this will be over? 🙂


    1. Janna, great tip! Thank you!
      Well, I love a good clean out and floor move so I may keep on going but the rest of my family will be thrilled!
      Kids came home today and couldn’t believe what we had done in the basement. My husband just shakes his head… 🙂


  2. LOVE Downton Abbey 🙂 We (my husband, my 16 year-old son and I) watched the first three seasons on Netflix (to be honest, we binged on it!) and were too impatient to wait for the fourth to come out on Netflix, so we ended up buying it on iTunes. It’s strange – we use the library all the time for books, but it never occurs to me to check their DVD collection! I’ll be making a mental note to do that in the future, but at least a movie/tv show that one owns on the cloud (is that the right terminology?) isn’t sitting on a shelf and gathering dust…


    1. Marian, I know it’s strange that the library has the media they do! They also have sheet music – both my kids play – and they love to get current music from the library.
      OK, I love that your 16yo son likes Downton Abbey, too! Our family really enjoys and we watch them over and over. I’ve got season 5 on reserve from the library but they’ve not even ordered the copies – yet. I can’t wait to see what happens!
      Thanks, Marian 🙂


  3. Consider donating your children’s themed VHS tapes and DVD’s to a local children’s Hospital/rehab hospital if there is one. The therapeutic recreation budget for those places is next to none and even if “ancient” in our perspective, these may be “new” items to them.


  4. Love your weekly organization projects! Our neighbors were having a garage sale this morning so we decided to use that as motivation to get rid of a few things of our own. We got up at 6:00 am and started lugging out things that we’re taking up space in the garage (where we have not parked a car this century). Made a pot of coffee and set out 2 camp chairs and we were ready by 7:00. I found a Lowe’s canvas work apron that I tied on to put my money in. We sat out on the driveway for 4 hours, visiting with all the folks who stopped by and doing silent cheers as people bought our old, old furniture and other assorted junk. The thrill for us was getting rid of nearly everything – and what didn’t sell was taken immediately to the nearest Goodwill. And the bonus was $150! My husband is a happy man to have reclaimed his garage. Maybe we’ll get a car in there one day soon.


    1. Oh my goodness, Susiqca, that is a wonderful image! I love it! Way to go and I’ve got my fingers crossed about the car fitting into the garage 😉
      Honestly, my favorite part of a garage sale is getting the junk out and the chatting with neighbors. I don’t really care if we make any $$$ or not but the social aspect of it appeals to me. You must live somewhere that’s nice weather. Our garage sales are only in the nice months of the year.
      Thanks for writing in!!


  5. HI Sara – I am curious to hear what you are doing with music CD’s – are you keeping copies on your computer? I have a bunch in the basement which are collecting dust. I am have not parted with them yet because the music reminds me of a time in my life…I still listen to them every once in a while. It would cost money to buy the music again, but I am not sure I have computer harddrive space available. Do you have any advice?


    1. Hi Annie!
      We kept the CDs and the cassette tapes. We don’t have that many of them and honestly, our stereo CD player broke but the cassette tape part of it still works – maybe you noticed that during our home exchange 🙂
      Yes, we put the CDs on the computer and do have an ipod for listening to them but I can’t get rid of the CDs or tapes…maybe someday? But, look at the LP record – back!
      Thanks, Annie!


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