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Home Organization Project 47

Remember the pile of magazines from last week’s home organization week #46 project? Well, that’s what we tackled for this week’s project.

Magazine sorting Go Gingham

We get more print magazines now than ever before. Are you wondering why in the age of digital would we get more print magazines? Our local newspaper went from delivering the paper 7-days a week to paper delivery only 4-days a week and I’m still annoyed by this! We all agreed (teens included) that we liked the ritual of reading in the morning. So last year for Christmas, we got magazines. Sports Illustrated, Vogue, In Style, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Preservation.

Yes, we’ve shared the magazines with neighbors when we were done so they’re not going into the recycle bin when we’re done. It’s easy in our neighborhood to put a stack out on the sidewalk for taking. Well, that works when the weather is nice. We have lovely neighbors who share their magazines as well.

Magazine Organization Go Gingham
I did my sorting in front of the fireplace. Got to make it fun!

Home Organization Project 47

  1. This week’s project. Magazines.
  2. Small. It took about an hour. I actually made it last longer by going through all of my binders and reading all of the articles and taking in the pictures.
  3. Clear and clean. There were magazines stashed in several spots around the house. It was time to consolidate the stacks and eliminate.
  4. Get set. While I usually put magazines out front on the sidewalk, it’s the rainy season so I took them to Goodwill instead. If you’ve never thought of that as an option for magazines consider it. I buy lots of magazines there, too, and they cost less than $1.
  5. Stop buying. Our son said his favorite Christmas gift ever has been his subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine. He looks forward to it arriving every Thursday in the mail and pours over it. He’s getting his subscription renewed for his Christmas gift this year.
  6. Less is more. Yes, this is true but magazines have come back into our lives and I like it. Our morning reading on non-newspaper delivery days involves some fighting over our very outdated, second-hand iPad that is prone to crashes. Someday we’ll embrace technology fully but until then, give me a magazine that I can clip, cut, fold over the pages, snail-mail ideas to my sister, and spill my coffee on.

Lastly, I would add that I still like all of my magazine clipping as opposed to Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is fun and oh so pretty but I’ve gotten burned several times where I’ll pin something and then when I go to visit the website, it doesn’t actually exist. I generally don’t read, and then think about a pin, in the same way I do a picture or article in a magazine. Call me old-school but I’ll take my idea binders and recipe binders (here’s how my recipe binders are organized) any day!

Magazine articles into binders Go Gingham

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Do you read magazines and clip articles or are you all digital? Which do you prefer – print or digital?

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5 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 47

  1. We gave up newspaper delivery when it came up for renewal. DH has subscriptions to 3 golf-related magazines, which he reads at breakfast time. I read on the computer, plus I have an e-reader. I do miss the ads, but those are available on-line. The fee for the newspaper is now going toward the digital TV expense.


  2. I’m with you! I love my print magazines! I do have a hard time parting with some of them though…especially seasonal home magazines. I pin alot on Pinterest too, but it just isn’t the same as real print :).
    Thanks for all of your sharing, I really enjoy your blog!


  3. I’m with you , Sara. I feel more connected to print media. I have an ebook reader, but I seem to retain less of what I read on the digital reader.


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